October 24, 2014

Hospital Bedrest Day 10


My parents came into town tonight for the weekend.  The plan was to have dinner and swimming with everyone at the hotel tonight, but Lucie had other plans.  Tim thought last night she might be coming down with an ear infection and considered taking her to urgent care this morning but she woke up feeling ok, so he decided not to.  Five minutes into swimming, she puked all over (not in the pool thankfully) and spiked a fever.

October 23, 2014

Hospital Bedrest Day 9


I had a bunch of visitors today and I had an abundance of choices for dessert and snacks this evening.  I ended up going with pumpkin pie from my friend Meredith with a side of ice cream from the "nutrition center" (aka kitchen full of sugary junk food).  Mmmmmmm....good food.

October 22, 2014

Hospital Bedrest Day 8


We have still been having trouble getting a good NST each day.  This is the best we could get today and this is with the nurse holding it in place for the entire time.  They can always find her, and her heart rate is strong, but she is moving around so much they just can't keep her on the monitor.  In one way, this is a good problem to have.  On the other hand, it makes watching her for signs of stress somewhat challenging!

October 21, 2014

Hospital Bedrest Day 7

First of all, THANK YOU, to everyone who called, texted, emailed, left a note on here or Facebook to encourage me when I didn't have such a great day yesterday.  I still have more good days than bad and today was, once again, much better.

When the dietician was here yesterday she told me that I could order an "off menu" plain yogurt, frozen fruit, and protein powder smoothie (supposedly it was unsweetened, but I'm not completely convinced of that).  I didn't understand why the only thing she and I could agree might be healthy was off menu, but then I saw how it showed up on my meal order.  Apparently only people who need tube feedings qualify for real food....


October 20, 2014

Hospital Bedrest Day 6


Today is my first *milestone* day in the antepartum unit.  In addition to being the end of my first week here, I am also 24 weeks now.  Still hoping to be pregnant for quite some time here, but as the nurses are constantly telling me every day counts.  You can see where the previous resident of this particular room marked off her *every day*.  From marks on the previous page, she was in hospital for 3-4 weeks total.

October 19, 2014

Hospital Bedrest Day 5

This picture is actually from yesterday, but this is my first hospital *finished* project.  This is a collaboration between myself and Kylee.  She did almost 30 feet of finger knitting, I crocheted along the sides and then used a jelly roll quilt design to turn it into stripes and added a border.  I am not a crochet expert so this was a bit of a labor of love.  It is just the right size for her American Girl which is what she wanted.  I'm also working on finishing a sweater I started FOREVER ago (1 sleeve left) and my nurse told me that they could use some donations of cute boy hats.  Apparently lots of people donate cute girly hats but not cute boy hats.  I already told Tim where to find a small stash of some boy yarn for me :)

October 18, 2014

Hospital Bedrest Day 4


Medically uninteresting 24 hours.  I was really achy and sore last night after having the kids visit and I ended up taking some tylenol to help and then I slept the best I have since I got here.  A few nights ago, I wrote about the book I have been reading at night, Trusting God with St. Therese.  I thought today I'd show you some of the artwork that has come to decorate my walls.