Night, Night Farm Review

Night, Night Farm is written by Amy Parker and illustrated by Virginia Allyn.   It is published by Tommy Nelson.  I have been on a streak of great titles from the Booklook Bloggers, but I am forced to admit I was a little disappointed by this one...not a lot, but a little.  The concept (saying goodnight to each animal on the farm as they do just *one last thing* before they fall asleep) is cute.  The pigs take a mud bath and then the narrator needs a bath too!  The illustrations done by Virginia Allyn are nothing short of adorable.  All of the baby animals are wearing pajamas which is silly and whimsical and just plain fun.  Lucie (age 3) couldn't get enough!

What I didn't love was the read aloud itself.  Each page's rhymes felt a little awkward to me.  They were better read aloud, but something still felt off.  Also, who decided to say night, night to THE OWL?  This is a toddler aimed book and I don't appreciate books (even fiction books) that have big un-truths in them.  Owls are nocturnal, end of story.  I'm sure many people wouldn't notice this little goof but it drives me crazy.

The final verse in the story refers to all of the animals God has made and "hey" he made me to.  The religious ending felt somewhat forced rather than an integral part of the story.  Or maybe it was just the casual "oh" and "hey" that didn't sit right with me?

That being said, I'd call it an average book.  Maybe not one that I would run out and buy or put on my regular gift-giving list but one that I would check out from the library and enjoy for a few days and then bring back.

In exchange for an honest review I provided a free copy of this book through the BookLook Bloggers Review Program.  All opinions are mine.  This post contains affiliate links.

NICU Recycling Program


 It took me until about day 4 to realize just how much *stuff* was being thrown away during our NICU stay.  I didn't know what I was going to do with it, but I started sneaking things away into a bag and brought home all of it.  Felt like one of those things I could control when nothing else seemed controllable.  Seven months later, I'm still thinking of more ways to use them!

How to Homeschool Through Just About Anything Final Post


 It may seem as though I have dragged this little series out and broken it down more than necessary.  I  have it all written out in one document, but I assure you it really was too long to put together in one place!  Today is the last post, though, I promise.  Today is about reflecting.

When you have been through life-altering crazy, it is terribly important that you take the time to reflect back on and process all of it.  You cannot go through a life changing event and then jump back into life where you left off.  

Go ahead- ask me how I know this!

The Co Sleeping Continuum




Some things never change.  I originally wrote this post in 2009 and it was probably my most popular post of the whole year.  I think maybe 20 people read it?  I thought that I would give it a little face lift with some new pictures and share it with everyone again.

North America #GiveYourChildTheWorld Book Club Gets Serious


This post is either only marginally related to the Give Your Child the World Book Club or the most important post I've written about our summer experiences yet.

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure.

Up next week is North America.  I happened to be sitting with my book and library catalog open at the same time I was watching the news of the last week or so cross my newsfeed.  It makes me so sick to my stomach, you guys.  All of it just rips me up inside.  Black deaths, cop deaths, people who are so busy arguing that abortion is worse (or gay rights or gun control or whatever their personal issue is) that they can't see the real human suffering that is surrounding us.

I live in Minnesota, land of the nice.  If it is here it is everywhere even if you can't see it yet.

I Love Formula Cans!


So I've had my hard moments and my humbling moments with our (ongoing) adventure feeding Tomas.  I have to tell you though, feeding disorder or not, for everything I don't like or has been hard I have a new addiction to formula cans.  At least, to the metal formula cans.  (I don't find the plastic odd-shaped ones nearly as easy to reuse.)

Here are three (or so) ways that I have put them to good use (so far).

How to Homeschool Through {Just About} Anything Part Six


So life has got you in a tight grip and it's not leaving much room to climb... or you know actually homeschool.  While I hope that the previous posts in this series (link below) have given you at least a little bit of confidence that your children are learning valuable character and practical life lessons, I also want to break down four options more concretely.

Here are four ways that you can continue homeschooling through {just about} anything.