Soup- It's What's for Dinner!

Soup For Lent

It has been two weeks since Ash Wednesday, and our now-annual family Lenten soup fast is off to an interesting start.   We've had some highlights (see recipe below) and also some very low nights (a soup that somehow went rancid in the freezer leaving us with nothing but a loaf of bread for dinner).  In some ways this year has been easier than last, but it has also had it's on challenges.

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Lessons in Humility From An Archangel


Last week, the archangels on our mantle took a beating.  Not from a stray ball or a toddler tantrum.  Not from a careless teenager or a clumsy kid.


It was wholly and entirely my social media pride.

Be Yourself and *SHINE*


Recently, I've been putting an extra effort into building the confidence of my third child and oldest daughter with a special mother-daughter project.  I want her to always know that she is a unique, loved, and cherished Child of God.  I want her to know in her bones that God has a plan for all of the beautiful ways He made her to be just the way she is.  

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Soup For Lent


As a family we like to try new things and stretch ourselves to think outside of the box when it comes to celebrating the feasts and seasons of our Catholic faith.  Last year we tried something new during Lent and rather than giving something up as a family, we only had soup for supper for the entire 40 days of Lent (minus the six Sundays plus the Triduum).  Read on to learn more!  This post contains affiliate links, for more information on my affiliate policies please click on the Advertisements & Disclosures button.

Calling the Family Prayer Team


When Peanut Butter & Grace published the Catholic Family Book of Prayers last year, I knew right away that it was something we needed to jump on board with.  A beautiful book, affordable for each person to have their own copy, full of traditional and new Catholic prayers?

Sign me up!

The problem?

Finding the best way to incorporate it once our order arrived on the doorstep.  As a busy family, I wasn't sure if we should look to incorporate it with existing prayer routines or try to establish a new time to use it.  I am somewhat hesitant to admit that I don't always look forward to training children in another set of routines and I rarely enjoy family prayer as much as I hope I might when I don't have busy infants and toddlers.  Yet somedays, thats all a busy mom has time for it seems.  Sanctifying in its own right, but a struggle at times.

Maybe, I thought, I should just use it to encourage individual use?  

We prefer all of the resources we have in our home to have an intentional purpose and use.  As such, I set the books out on the fireplace mantle and quickly prayed for some inspiration on how to best incorporate this treasure.

2017, It's Been A Weird One!

Sarah, 6 months in a few days.  Trooper of sister related hospital visits.
  Hello, hello, anyone still out there?

I wouldn't blame you if you've given up on following along my silent space these past few months.  If you follow along on social media at all, you may have a bit of an understanding of some of the things that have been going on and keeping me away from here.  If not, here's the "short" version along with some of my miscellaneous musings and reflections on this year in general.

My last post here, was October 5th.  On October 9th, Lucie had a brief seizure after 10 months seizure free.  She had several more that week, resulting in a concussion on the 12th.  It was our first of 4 ER visits for seizure related injuries in the coming months.  It seemed that no matter what we did, the seizures just kept ramping up.  From 8 in a week, to 8 in a day, to 8 (almost) in an hour!

Finally, the week before Christmas (was that just last week?!) we were admitted for a video EEG to see if they could learn anything new about where these seizures were coming from and if there was a better way to treat them.

Boy did she decide to give them a lot of data!

Rebranding Quiet Time


Coming from someone who has seven children at home with her full time, it might seem crazy to  learn that I can't stand noise.  I can handle a small amount of music in the background, but I'm not someone who can read while the TV is on or focus well on a conservation while other conversations are going on at the same time.   Especially when several conversations are going on and someone is listening to an audio book, the dog is barking, and, and, and....

I need my quiet time to shake all the cobwebs out of my brain.

My children, however, it turns out do not need quiet time.  Now, don't get me wrong, the baby and toddler need their naps- but being the youngest two of seven it turns out they can (for the most part) sleep through anything.  

Every day I would beg with them to please give me this hour or so of peace.  I would dangle carrots of favorite TV shows, screen time, cooking projects, and extra yummy snacks.   Most of the time, it didn't work.  By the time I finished getting everyone settled at "quiet" I was out of time from the littles naps to actually get any peace myself.

I was just about to give it up completely.

Except it turns out I didn't need to give up, I needed a new marketing director.