Growing and Grieving Together

For my husband Tim and I, grieving our many losses together has changed over the past sixteen years.  Our first miscarriage took place in my parents basement.  A young couple only a few months into our marriage, we oddly invited a friend over to keep Tim company watching the Minnesota Twins play October baseball while I spent most of the night in the bathroom. It wasn’t that Tim was uninvolved or remotely unsupportive, but we did make some strange decisions that first loss!

Fast forward thirteen years and when our daughter Siena died shortly after death, Tim was fully involved in every step.  He slept at the hospital in the days after delivery, called the funeral home, chose a burial plot, and took three weeks of leave from work to be with me.   He did this while keeping track of what was happening at home with our other five children so I didn’t have to!

What changed?

The Things That Keep Us Busy!


Tim has been away hunting this weekend with family and I'm working on wrapping up, launching, and dreaming about at least 3 million projects.  My kids would tell you I'm exaggerating, but I'm sure I'm not...  My content planner is packed with exciting upcoming events and opportunities that that I want to share you with.  Here are some highlights (we will call them 7 Quick Takes: Monday Edition) with some pictures mixed in to keep things interesting.

1) Mailing out the first 10 Thank You Care packages from our GoFundMe Campaign.  Thank you for everyone who supported the project.  I've decided to keep the project live and I will ship keep shipping in 10 package increments as things become available.  Additional project updates to supporters will be up soon!

2) Due to popular demand, I have launched a new dedicated Pregnancy and Infant Loss Mailing list!  Grab your free copy of Scripture Study for Pregnancy & Infant Loss and join us today.

3)  The Catholic Mom Bundle launch is only a week away!   I've been busy previewing some of the products available- Montessori Games to Play Advent Edition will be exclusively available through the bundle before launching in the shop!  Don't miss out on your free copy of Montessori Games to Play by subscribing to our newsletter. You can also grab the Fall Edition in my shop before the snow flies!


 4)  I'm working on an exclusive opportunity for Work & Play Day by Day readers after the first of the year with my friend Katie over at Kitchen Stewardship.  In the meantime, you might want to check out the free webinar she is hosting this week on Raising Adventurous Eaters.  If you sign up but can't make it, there will be a recording available but ONLY if you sign up in advance.

5)  Running the numbers on our first summer homesteading.  We had some successes and a lot of failures but we definitely learned a lot.  Not the least of which is that we practically rebuilt our house- that probably needs an entire post just for itself.


6)  I have not one, not two, but THREE books in development stages right now.  The first one has been through a round of Imprimatur reviews and is waiting on typesetting, one is in a more development stage and a third one is my first real foray into self-publishing.  Early sneak peaks of all of the above will be heading out via mailing lists (links above).

7) In all this, I do still have seven kids keeping me busy too.  We are quickly approaching the end of Nutcracker season and homeschooling is moving along as it tends to do.  Lucie has been doing well- life is a constant series of adjustments, but we are learning to make our own new normal.  I can hardly believe how Sarah and Tomas are growing.  Can't they just stay little forever?!?!

This crazy little space is a beautiful place for me, but its admittedly hard to get back here with all the other hats (see above!) that pull me to work other places.  If you'd like to see more about any of these things, please do tell me.  Vote with your links, your likes, and your comments- I'm paying attention.  It's not about the bottom line for me*- I want to share the resources and events that you find useful!  I'm also looking ahead to 2019 Speaking Engagements, so if you want to hit me up early now is the time.


*It's not just about the bottom line, but I am required to disclose to you that if you click on the various links in this post I may benefit monetarily from any purchases.  Thank you for your support!

On Being A Grieving Mother And An Advocate


 I am a grieving mother.

Through three miscarriages, a stillbirth, and an infant loss- Not one day goes by when I don't think of my girls.  They are my whole world, every bit as much as my living children.

I am also a blogger.  I have a platform and an audience and (I believe) a responsibility to use that platform and audience in a way that builds up community and encourages people.

Of course, in this space, I advocate for a lot of things.  I advocate for a non-traditional style of education.  I advocate for a certain style of informed and intentional parenting.   I advocate for making it work for you, not doing what I do.

I also advocate for pregnancy and infant loss awareness.

The Words They Say


An ultrasound tech.

An absent heartbeat.

And then come the words.

Almost always inadequate, these words, but yet they frame a couple’s experiences of pregnancy and infant loss for years to come.  When they remember that tiny life gone too soon, they will also remember the words. In my many years working within the pregnancy and infant loss community, I have heard many stories.  Women being told it was “just cr*p luck”.  Women being told that it was so early they didn’t even need to count their pregnancy in future medical records.  Women being denied testing for possible causes.  Women being told their milk wouldn’t come in because they didn’t really have a baby, but then it did.

Because of course there was a baby.

Euphrosyne Paper


Kylee, age 10, has decided that our farm, Euphrosyne Corner, is in need of a daily newspaper.  As such she is following us all around with a notebook and pen recording our daily lives.  For the privilege of sharing this glimpse into our days with you, I have paid .25 for reprint rights.  I have also given up countless hours of work time on my computer because a "proper" newspaper is always typed.  All spelling and grammar are her own- read carefully. 

Euphrosyne Paper 
written By Kylee  A. Indahl

        Mr. and Ms. Indahl were trying to establish the propriety line.  Ms. Indahl said that her husband was trying to fix his compass. When Mr. Indahl caught up with his wife they start talking about the propriety line.  Mr. Indahl goes to get the tractor.  While waiting for her husband, Ms. Indahl points her compass north. While all this goes on Nutmeg is stalking through the grass. Just then Mr.Indahl returns on the tractor. Ms. Indahl tells her children, Caleb and Kylee, to get out of the way so they run to the barn were the goats and the cats live.  Another one of Mr. Indahl’s sons