August 31, 2014

4 New *FREE* Montessori Downloads for Back to School

In celebration of back to school, I have uploaded several new files to our Teachers Pay Teachers store and all of them are FREE!

August 24, 2014

Family Shennanigans

Busy times around this place!

Last week we spend several hours at the park one afternoon with our good friends.  There was lots of playing, including crawfish catching for the big kids.  Our friends don't homeschool and I admit we will all be a little sad when they head back to school next week and we can't play as often anymore.


August 22, 2014

Work and Play 8/22

Photo of The Week


Lucie has been into sitting criss-cross applesauce and I can't get over what a doll she looks like!

August 18, 2014

Noun Family Lesson With Language Cards


This presentation is used as a review presentation for the noun family with a child who has already learned each of these word types.  It could also be used as an introduction to adjectives, but you will need to adjust the lesson accordingly.  I will always use the detective adjective game for the introduction lesson (although we use buttons instead of triangles).

Target Age: Early Elementary

August 15, 2014

Work and Play 8/15

Picture of The Week

This one photo sums up my hopes and dreams for the upcoming school year.  Solid independent work, that needs nothing more from me than to step back and take a picture!


Most years we start back to school the first of August, if we stop at all (which we did this year).  Aidan was gone last week so we waited until this week to officially open our *school* for another year.   Of course it is still summer, so we interspersed plenty of outside time, swimming, and other fun things.

August 13, 2014

The Clock of Eras

It's back to school this week for us and I will look forward to sharing more about that in our fall return of Work and Play Days this Friday.  Today I want to share how we integrate The Clock of Eras.


We use the ETC Montessori Clock of Eras, which is a little bit different than most of the printable, free, or low-cost options that are available.  Instead of a 12 hour clock, they have the equivalent of a 24 hour clock by giving the Archean Eon it's own 12 hour period.  I like this because it emphasizes just how long geological history was in the formation periods.