On Being A Grieving Mother And An Advocate


 I am a grieving mother.

Through three miscarriages, a stillbirth, and an infant loss- Not one day goes by when I don't think of my girls.  They are my whole world, every bit as much as my living children.

I am also a blogger.  I have a platform and an audience and (I believe) a responsibility to use that platform and audience in a way that builds up community and encourages people.

Of course, in this space, I advocate for a lot of things.  I advocate for a non-traditional style of education.  I advocate for a certain style of informed and intentional parenting.   I advocate for making it work for you, not doing what I do.

I also advocate for pregnancy and infant loss awareness.

The Words They Say


An ultrasound tech.

An absent heartbeat.

And then come the words.

Almost always inadequate, these words, but yet they frame a couple’s experiences of pregnancy and infant loss for years to come.  When they remember that tiny life gone too soon, they will also remember the words. In my many years working within the pregnancy and infant loss community, I have heard many stories.  Women being told it was “just cr*p luck”.  Women being told that it was so early they didn’t even need to count their pregnancy in future medical records.  Women being denied testing for possible causes.  Women being told their milk wouldn’t come in because they didn’t really have a baby, but then it did.

Because of course there was a baby.

Euphrosyne Paper


Kylee, age 10, has decided that our farm, Euphrosyne Corner, is in need of a daily newspaper.  As such she is following us all around with a notebook and pen recording our daily lives.  For the privilege of sharing this glimpse into our days with you, I have paid .25 for reprint rights.  I have also given up countless hours of work time on my computer because a "proper" newspaper is always typed.  All spelling and grammar are her own- read carefully. 

Euphrosyne Paper 
written By Kylee  A. Indahl

        Mr. and Ms. Indahl were trying to establish the propriety line.  Ms. Indahl said that her husband was trying to fix his compass. When Mr. Indahl caught up with his wife they start talking about the propriety line.  Mr. Indahl goes to get the tractor.  While waiting for her husband, Ms. Indahl points her compass north. While all this goes on Nutmeg is stalking through the grass. Just then Mr.Indahl returns on the tractor. Ms. Indahl tells her children, Caleb and Kylee, to get out of the way so they run to the barn were the goats and the cats live.  Another one of Mr. Indahl’s sons 

Three Things Mom Needs to Do Every Single Day


 Being a mom is hard.  So hard I hate talking about it because I am tempted to get sucked into focusing on the hard and forget all the grace that makes the hard doable.  The longer I parent this crew, the more I realize that when I physically do these three things every single day I feel much calmer in the hard moments.  I don't know if life is actually any easier, but I feel less stress and more positive about dealing with difficult times.

Not One, But TWO Huge Announcements!


The little blogging business of mine is a place of dreams...yet not always ones supported by the time to make those dreams reality.   I have a physical reality that sometimes limits what I can do virtually.  My first and primary vocation will always be my family.  Over the last few years, however, I have often thought how much nicer it would be to self- host my digital curriculum.

I'm excited to announce that starting today, all new materials will be available first and in some cases exclusively in the brand new Work and Play, Day by Day digital store!

Not only that, but the first of series of new products is already available in the Fall Collection!