January 28, 2015

What Happened Anyways? Answers Part 1


I've been working on this post in my brain for most of the last couple weeks.  It's a natural question that no one seems to really want to ask me, "What happened anyways?"

Well, Siena died and we knew she might but we never knew what was wrong in the first place.

You have probably thought it and so have I.

The truth is that we still don't know...but we do know more now than we did then.

January 26, 2015


There is this cardinal rule in parenting that says you should never compare your children.  Not to each other, not to other people's children, not to averages...not to anything.

Of course, every last one of us does it anyway.

When I posted to Facebook that Siena had passed away, a woman I met many years ago (after Kenna died) posted a comment cautioning me that even though I have done this before, the second time is much different.

Understatement of the century right there.

January 23, 2015

Reflections on The March for Life

Siena had a voice at this year's march thanks to some teenage girls whose parents read this blog!

Everytime I post anything pro-life on Facebook, I lose a couple followers and this year was no different. I shouldn't be surprised, but I always am. I'm just that way I am when it comes to differences- I see no reason why we can't associate with those who disagree with us. If a person is truly pro choice, they really shouldn't be offended by someone choosing life.  While I may find the act of abortion offensive, I don't find a person who accepts abortion to be offensive in and of themselves.

January 22, 2015

Fingers, Toes, and Nose

Molds of her hands and feet

I admit that much of my time with Siena was spent trying to soak up every single detail of her tiny features from the top of the her head to the ends of her toes.  The hospital helped us with molds and tons of hand and footprints, but we took plenty of pictures to help us remember as well.  Here are a few of the things we learned about Siena.

January 20, 2015

Buried With Love

Of the many stories within a story, is the story of Siena's burial arrangements.  From choosing her clothing to the casket she was buried in, each step of the process was surrounded in love.

Like our last story, this story begins with friendship.

January 19, 2015

With Love From Utah

On Wednesday, January 14th, my life changed forever as I knew it could.  Our daughter Siena Therese lived on this earth for only a matter of a couple hours, but she touched so many people in her short life.  Eventually I want to document as much as I can remember of all of the moments of the past week, but I'm discovering that writing any one *chunk* at one time is more than I have in me.  I want to start writing before I forget, however, so I'm going to start posting shorter things as they come.

January 13, 2015

The *Last* Post!

Quickly catching all of my non-facebook followers up on some last minute details before tomorrow.... and adding a few that you might have missed due to absurd algorithms for business pages even if you do follow us over there!

Lucie is all ready to go swimming with grandma, she says the heck with the rest of this nonsense!