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Euphrosyne Paper

Kylee, age 10, has decided that our farm, Euphrosyne Corner, is in need of a daily newspaper.  As such she is following us all around with a notebook and pen recording our daily lives.  For the privilege of sharing this glimpse into our days with you, I have paid .25 for reprint rights.  I have also given up countless hours of work time on my computer because a "proper" newspaper is always typed.  All spelling and grammar are her own- read carefully. 

Euphrosyne Paper  written By Kylee  A. Indahl
        Mr. and Ms. Indahl were trying to establish the propriety line.Ms. Indahl said that her husband was trying to fix his compass. When Mr. Indahl caught up with his wife they start talking about the propriety line.Mr. Indahl goes to get the tractor.While waiting for her husband, Ms. Indahl points her compass north. While all this goes on Nutmeg is stalking through the grass. Just then Mr.Indahl returns on the tractor. Ms. Indahl tells her children, Caleb and Kylee, to get out of t…
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Three Things Mom Needs to Do Every Single Day

Being a mom is hard.  So hard I hate talking about it because I am tempted to get sucked into focusing on the hard and forget all the grace that makes the hard doable.  The longer I parent this crew, the more I realize that when I physically do these three things every single day I feel much calmer in the hard moments.  I don't know if life is actually any easier, but I feel less stress and more positive about dealing with difficult times.

Breathe Fresh Air
A few months after Siena died, a friend stopped by on one of those first nice days of spring.  You know the type?  The first days you can quick walk outside on a porch without your socks and shoes on.  I probably hadn't left the house in days even to walk to the mailbox, but she insisted that I needed to hug the sun.  At the time, I maybe thought she was a little nuts, but not wanting to be rude I pushed myself through the door behind her (or maybe she pushed me through instead- I don't really remember).  I still remem…

Not One, But TWO Huge Announcements!

The little blogging business of mine is a place of dreams...yet not always ones supported by the time to make those dreams reality.   I have a physical reality that sometimes limits what I can do virtually.  My first and primary vocation will always be my family.  Over the last few years, however, I have often thought how much nicer it would be to self- host my digital curriculum.

I'm excited to announce that starting today, all new materials will be available first and in some cases exclusively in the brand new Work and Play, Day by Day digital store!

Not only that, but the first of series of new products is already available in the Fall Collection!

Montessori Games to Play, our highly popular free ebook available to all email subscribers, is now available in a brand-new Fall Edition!  With activities for practical life, science, math and more, the new ebook will provide you with a five fall themed Montessori-inspired activities designed to get your family outside and enjoying…

A Last Minute Kindergarten Plan

When we packed our house to move last spring, Lucie wasn't participating in school at all.  On top of that, I was pretty certain that I wouldn't be homeschooling her even this fall so I packed our Montessori materials with that in mind.

Then surprise!  We had that amazing visit with her new nuero-psychologist who thinks that homeschool and Montessori are just what she needs to maximize her potential this year.

Enter homeschool mom research mom-mode!  You know that one?  Thanks to lots of experience and some good old fashioned tenacity, I think we have a plan that will work.

This post contains affiliate links.  By purchasing through these links, I may receive a referral fee which supports the continued work of this blog.  Thank you.


Materials is a big issue this year.  Our new house isn't quite finished, which means I don't have any materials storage or display space.   They are in buckets in the garage until further notice.

The Solution

I've made room for …

Robotics & Electronics for Homeschool

Have you ever had a kid really interested in something you know almost nothing about?  Who hasn't, right?!

That was me when it came to teaching electronics and coding to Caleb (12).

42 Electronics reached out earlier this year and offered us a copy of their Introduction to Robotics Curriculum and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to collaborate with Caleb while boosting his knowledge and skills for something he is very interested in.

This post contains affiliate links.  I was provided with a free copy of the curriculum, all opinions are my own (and Caleb's).

What is 42 Electronics?

42 Electronics sells curriculum kits for teaching introductory robotics to middle school aged kids and up.  Each lesson has an in depth reading assignment, hands on activities, follow up questions, and more.  They build on each other to introduce students to the use of a breadboard and Raspberry Pi.

What worked for us?

I thought the curriculum was a bit more textbook-like than we usually us…