6 Reasons to Provide Your Children With An Accessible Water Source

Do you have a water source that is easy for your children to access?  You might think that sounds like one big headache, but I promise you nothing is further from the truth!

First Montessori Open Close Basket


 I'm still working on a post about the Montessori and GAPS work we are doing with Tomas right now, but it is a long post and keeps getting pushed back.  In the meantime, he gave me a beautiful sample of the amazing things he is capable of today so I wanted to share it quickly.

Gardening as Advanced Practical Life


Here in Minnesota, we have a shorter growing season and one thing we do to lengthen that season is to start seeds as early as March.   This year I've been working on intentional advanced practical life skills for my adolescent.  After many years of starting seeds with all of the kids this time of year, for the past couple years he chose to skip activities like this in exchange for his own interests because he had simply done them so many times before.  Once we were working on outside gardening,then he would begin to be more involved in the garden again, particularly in the storing and preserving steps.  This year, I decided to give him an opportunity to participate more fully in the oversight and planning involved in raising a large family garden.

Spring Saturday on Our Little Homestead


Just to be clear, I am aware that it is neither spring nor do we actually have any ability to truly homestead on our little piece of land.  That being said, when the weather turns to spring, even just for a day or weekend, we can't help but get out and make the most of it.   While we can never fully homestead, we try to do a little more each year and this year will be no different.  It was fun to walk the woods, take care of a few chores, plan a few projects, and generally enjoy our spring creek.

That time we said yes and God said epilepsy.


 I haven't written much about Lucie's epilepsy diagnosis here, partially because it somewhat feels like an unfinished story.  She has a diagnosis now and her initial treatment plan is working well.  That means we are finished with diagnosis, right?  Medically, yes, but there is another story intricately tied to hers that is still waiting to be written.

A story that is equally tied to both her story and to Tomas'.

You may see where this is going, but indulge me while I drag it out a little bit longer here.  I have a suppressed flair for the dramatic.   See, we are Catholic.  You are probably saying, Yeah Heidi, we get that.  We don't get it, but we've heard it all before now please stop talking about it so we can pretend we don't know that.