Traditional Education Meets Homeschool Support

Have you ever needed help with parenting or homeschool, only to discover that to get help from a professional you had to suffer through a system that devalues your family values, including your decision to homeschool?

Can you imagine being able to find help for your struggling self or child without hearing that school is the "obvious" solution?

As trained educators, we respect the expertise these professionals have to offer.  They have deep knowledge and skills that can benefit both child and family when provided in a family-centric model.  Yet all too often, we know that isn't what happens.  We actually had to ask an early intervention teacher to stop coming to our house and take matters into our own hands because the person they sent was so openly outspoken against our Catholic faith, our large family, and our decision to homeschool!

We can be the person you troubleshoot with when it seems like your curriculum isn't working or your child isn't thriving the way you expected.  

Or maybe your kid is doing great and you need some encouragement because you are stressed out beyond belief juggling all of the realities of home, school, and family.  (We talk to a lot of parents and teachers, trust me you are more normal than not if this is where you are!)

We can do that, and more.

We know it is hard to homeschool.  With all of our education and experience, we still struggle with finding the right combination of curriculum and approaches to help each of our children thrive!  

It's hard to ask for help.  It's hard to admit you need help with homeschool.  It's hard to admit you are overwhelmed or outside your skill set.  It's even harder to do that when you are worried what the person across the desk or on the other end of the phone is going to blame homeschooling (or beliefs, or family size) rather than actually empower you with tools to help your family.

From the beginning of this blog, we have been teachers.   We were teachers who were noticing that- from the parent side- this education thing wasn't working so well for us.

Is it working for you?

If not, skip the step where you grit your teeth and hope that other person you ask for help isn't going to come down on homeschooling too hard.

You can homeschool with confidence.

We can help.

Homeschool help so you can homeschool with confidence

3 Quick Questions to Evaluate Your Homeschool Curriculum

Is your homeschool curriculum working? 

How do you know your homeschool curriculum is working?  Curriculum should be one of the first things you evaluate when you need homeschooling help.  You should also evaluate before you purchase any new curriculum, when you start a new homeschooling journey, and when you are looking for supplements to your Montessori (or other non-traditional) homeschool curriculum.  In determining the success and effectiveness of your curriculum, I want you to ask yourself three basic questions.
1.  Is my child growing and developing over time?

2. Does my child enjoy learning?
3.  Am I enjoying teaching?
Three yeses, go ahead and stop reading right now- you don't need the rest of this post!  Your homeschool is doing great.  You have a solid fit of curriculum for yourself and for your child.  No need to worry, even if what you are doing looks totally different than your friends or what you thought your homeschool would be like.

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then there may be tweaks that need to happen.   Does that seem overly simple?  I promise it's not.  The younger the child the more simple this is, but let's look a little deeper at each question.

Is Homeschool Right For You?

Copy of Is your homeschool curriculum working? 

New to homeschool?  Wondering if homeschool right for your family?  Before you can do anything else, you have to discern if it's the right choice for your family.   Here are three questions to ask and a getting started with homeschooling printable free checklist of homeschool help to get you on the right track once you've decided to dive in!