Environment Changes

Since the entire learning process is centered around a child's environment, Tim and I spent some time talking this weekend about how we wanted to adjust our home to be more friendly for the kids. We had a long car ride on Saturday and we spent much of it talking about the types of materials and environment we think would be best, based on the boy's interests and the things they are learning right now. As a result of our conversation we made a few changes:
  • We moved a wall mount shelf from upstairs to downstairs and placed it at child counter height as a standing transfer work station (I will post more about this later today)
  • We purchased two more small bookshelves for the kids things in the playroom and living room.
  • We replaced their over-sized activity table with a smaller work table where they can sit at the ends. The activity table is now in the rainy-day garage play area.
  • We rearranged the living room and playroom to accommodate better traffic flow and more people working together. As a part of this we also moved the TV downstairs out of our bedroom finally. I don't love having it in our living room, but Tim did a great job mounting it as unobtrusively as he could and it is well above eye height for the kids so hopefully they will forget that it is there (although I will admit to me it looks a little like a big black giant staring down on us). It will be fun to enjoy our weekly family movie and popcorn night on the living room floor instead of Mom and Dad's bed!
I will keep you posted on the effects of these changes in the coming week. We will keep making adjustments to keep things interesting and engaging!

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