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Leaf Work Revisited

For those of you who have been following my blog from the beginning, you will remember this work. The leaf identification cards have been on our shelf for about a month, but have not been used recently. Today Caleb spontaneously brought them out and was working on labeling the leaf names and matching the pictures. He is now able to identify about half of the leaves in our card work.


While Caleb was working, Aidan brought over a writing board and blank paper and started copying the names of each leaf. He was sounding them out as he wrote and he made an interesting observation... you can not hear the "ssss" sound in the word sugar (as in Sugar Maple). So we talked about words that don't follow the sound rules. When I see him writing and listen to him working through the sounds, I suspect he is getting VERY close to reading. We are working on sight words right now and he has started identifying them in other books we read. Caleb and I brought home a book from the library about apples and Aidan found the word "it" several times. He was excited to read the book even if he only knew a few words.