Simple Do-It-Yourself Work

This is a simple and cheap (you may even have everything at home already) activity for preschool children. It is a good practical life activity, practicing for hanging clothes on a line. (HINT: If you don't hang your clothes to dry, you can put up a small line for hanging wet hats and mittens.) Pinching the clothespins also helps to strengthen the fingers for writing. I picked up everything I needed for this work for less than $1.75 at Walmart and there was almost no set up involved.

To do this work at home, simply place 10-15 clothes pins inside a basket or bowl (any small basket or bowl with sturdy sides will work) and place on the shelf. Show your child how to bring the basket over to a tabletop or work area and then place the clothespins around the edge. The boys decided it call it a sunflower once it was completed. When they are finished, remove the clothespins from the edge, place them inside the basket, and return the whole thing to the shelf!


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