To Wash A Baby...

Now this is of course a favorite work of preschoolers and today I let my kids do the real deal. It was FANTASTICALLY FUN! We usually just sponge bath Kylee or I will bring her in the bath with me or just wash her hair quick with the sprayer in the sink. Today was a rainy-yucky day, however, and the boys were feeling a little cooped up so I thought it would be a good thing to make a big deal out of. We ventured into the basement for our baby bathtub (thank goodness Aidan remembered where the light switch was!) and laid out the towels on the dining room floor (more room than in the bathroom). The kids gathered the neccessary supplies and then picked out new clothes for her and helped with the whole thing. They had a blast gently pouring water over her belly and helping wipe her arms and legs. Caleb brought one of his singing bath tub dolphins into her little tub and she got a huge grin on her face every time he made it work.

Aidan volunteered to be our photographer and document the experience for us, but we couldn't get the camera to work. :(

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