Transferring Works

In a Montessori Children's House, there is an entire shelf area dedicated to transferring works such as pouring, tweezers, spooning, and other activities that involve moving a substance from one container to another. Needless to say it would be messy and a headache to have this sort of set up at home, but I wanted to come up with a compromise that would allow the boys access to the work, but limit the amount and location of the spills!

So this is our new kitchen work station. It is actually a nook behind our front door. My plan is to always leave an activity available and rotate on a regular basis to keep the area new and interesting. Since it is in our kitchen, I will easily be able to have the boys wipe up any spills and sweep up any other messes. It will also make it easier to remove this area from our environment when we have small visitors who aren't accustomed to this type of activity!

Our first activity is pouring. Thank you, Papa, for the tea pot and cups from Asia. A great tie into our cultural work!


Caleb- This is a great work for Caleb and he is very interested in these activities and spent almost a half hour pouring water back and forth between the pot and the cups. You can really see the concentration in his eyes.


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