Post #50 and Its about Numbers

I noticed on Tuesday that my next post would be number 50 in my blogging adventures and I've been antsy to write it all week. Caleb gave me something that coordinates perfectly!

Aidan created an activity where takes my "order" for a number and then he makes the number with the units, tens, and hundred, and then serves me the number on a platter. We played for awhile earlier in the week and this morning Caleb decided he should give it a try. We had to adapt the game a little, but Caleb created a number and then we counted it out together.


Just in case anyone is wondering why my 3 year old is doing this, I do not initiate these activities with Caleb. I am merely working with him because I want him to learn them correctly instead of later having to reteach him something he taught himself incorrectly. If he did not choose these activities we would not be doing them! That being said, he does seem to be very good with logic and numbers...maybe a future math teacher like Daddy or statistician like Papa! I guess time will tell.

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Sabrina said...

Hooray for post #50! I think I'm up to 500 or so. Now that I see you have a blog, I'm going to have to bookmark it. ;)