Reading List

Just for fun I thought I'd post what we checked out of the library this week. If you have a blog (especially if I read your blog!), it would be fun to see what you are reading too!

From our checkout receipt...

Emperors of the Ice (National Geographic DVD)
March of the Penguins (DVD)
Farmer Boy
Disney's The Lion King: The Pals
Arctic and Antarctica
Atlas of Animals
Dashing Through the Snow
Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade: Cool Kids Cookbook
Snow Music
In the Snow; Who's Been Here?
Where is Home, Little Pip?
This Year's Garden
Why Noah Chose the Dove
Whose Shadow is This?
The Berenstain Bears and the Weekend at Grandma's
Homeschooling More than One Child

So, what are you reading?


Meredith said...

We just returned "In the Snow: Who's Been here?". I love finding seasonal books, and I'm very picky when I choose (unless Simon is unloading the shelves...). I'll try to get around to this soon.

Heidi said...

I will tell Caleb you just read it...he will like that! When we went today they had all the winter books out where the pirate books were before. I am picky too, but I try to also check out anything the boys ask for in the spirit of encouraging the whole reading thing!

Heidi said...

Oh yeah..and there is a list on the wall above the "Disney" book that has 25 books all kids should know, so we're working our way through those, which is kinda fun!