Last Week's Homeschooling Update

...realizing of course that it is practically time for this week's update!

Kylee's new trick. She learned how to take all the rings off one at a time so she can chew on the post. What an accomplishment!

Tim made "red" rods (still natural colored because it isn't warm enough to spray paint anything yet) for Caleb so that was his big work last week. The three pictures were taken over the course of the week despite the fact he was wearing the same shirt in each one (he's 3, that should be all the explanation needed). First lining them up shortest to longest, then building the maze, and then walking the maze.

We discovered the Draw, Right, Now series at the library and Aidan (and I!) really enjoyed drawing little farm animals. This was a great find because anything that uses a pencil is good practice for Aidan!Last week we got a new 100s board from Rainbow Resources. Aidan likes that the pieces are so much larger and they are also magnetized so they don't slide around as much, although they still slide around if little sister scoots over and grabs the board! He is starting to see many patterns on the board and did this work several times last week.

Ways to make 1 with fraction circles. This was popular last week as well! Caleb likes to match up all of one color, but Aidan really likes to match different colors (fractions) to make 1 circle as many ways as he can.

Lastly, we had a few nice days the middle of last week and the boys spent some times putting down leaves that didn't get on our garden before the snow fell. It may seem silly at this point, but they will still help prevent weed growth prior to planting although we will not be able to work them into the soil as well as we could if they had been down all winter and will have to rake many of them back up. The boys had fun though so that's all that really matters to me!

Also, If anyone is wondering why they should care what we do, I am basically posting these updates to help myself down the road. Since I'm not using a standardized curriculum it helps me see a basic progression of what we are covering. When Caleb and/or Kylee get to Kindergarten I will hopefully have a rough idea of what Aidan did at that point. That being said, I do hope they can be somewhat useful to other moms!

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