The Perfect Sling

I bought this fabric before I was even pregnant with Kylee to make a quilt for Kenna. I had this vision of a quilted wall hanging, in Kenna's colors with a cross in front of butterflies with the sun rising behind it. The problem, however, is the fact I have NO IDEA how to quilt. I can sew, but my attempts to create such a design fell terribly flat. The fabric has sat in a box for over a year. Every few months I would take it out, only to put it away frustrated that I couldn't make this project I had in my head.

I borrowed an Angel Pack style sling from a friend of mine and Kylee (and I) fell in love with it. I wanted one of my own, but the person who made hers had moved out of town so I was stuck without. Being a somewhat crafty person I decided to attempt to make my own. What fabric to use? Kenna's! It's perfect and Kylee and I both just love it!

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