A long story- PART 2

STOP- Read PART 1 first

As a busy family, we didn't take much time to revel in our new addition. Life went on as usual. Caleb was still having a rough time with his lungs and was having new troubles with digestion issues so we were busy with that and at the end of March, Tim found out that he was being cut from his teaching position due to some sort of long term planning concerns.

After over a month of frantically trying to find a job that wouldn't require us to move, we put our house on the market and started packing boxes. We were always confident that he would find a job, but we had no idea where that might be. As the end of the school year rolled around without a plan, we discussed seeking out of state positions, but thankfully on THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL Tim got an offer from the school he is at now.

The catch...in 7 days he would need to report for training. Out of town 5/7 days per week for the entire summer. Right up to the Tuesday before he started back to school for workshops...on a Thursday. We were fortunate that we were going to an area we have lived before and were able to find an apartment and get things at least physically moved in that short time frame. It wasn't pretty, but the move was finished.

But by the grace of God and some good friends I made it through that first summer with Tim gone. The boys and I had a routine of sorts during the week and we missed Daddy like crazy but we made it through. When the summer was finally over we felt like we had made it. We had arrived and the craziness was gone!

Over the summer I had been going to my midwife appointments every month like expected, but the extras were tough to get to. I never did get a glucose screen and I only went for the 20 week u/s at 25 weeks after a lot of encouragement. When I finally had the ultrasound, however, they noted that baby only had 2 vessels in her cord. This wasn't particularly alarming until I googled it and found all the bad things that can happen even if they rarely do. Thanks to my concerns, my midwife scheduled a second ultrasound where they found 3 vessels and decided it must have been a mistake and wrote it off.

Three days after learning that my baby's cord was functioning normally, and being told that I shouldn't be concerned I called my midwife after a day of no movement. At just shy of 30 weeks, after 2 hours of waiting in a 5 foot square room for the on-call radiologist for confirmation, we learned that our little princess had indeed passed away.



Rachel said...

Heidi - Thank you for sharing, though you told me much of this at our visit. Reading it helps my visual brain to process dates and such better. I know how hard this is, but I don't think you'll ever regret it. You can also put a link on Kenna's picture or some other link so that readers can easily access this when they come to your blog.
Looking forward to swimming and to the fact that hopefully your mom's pool doesn't enforce actual bathing suits (I don't know if I have one that fits! AHH!)

Meredith said...

Heidi - thanks for sharing this. I'm glad that we got part of the story in person last month, and I am so grateful to know about this part of you.

Kara said...

Thank you for sharing you whole story.