My Inside Projects This Week

I'm trying to finish up any sewing I need/want to get done before the weather is so nice I can't bear to be inside at all. (I'm having a hard enough time as it is.)

Kylee is lacking in summer clothes, so I've been working on some new skirts that I learned how to make from this site. I had to adapt the pattern but it was no biggie since I had the proportions. It is a very quick project, which I appreciate since I seldom have long blocks of time for my sewing projects. I'm hoping to make 4-5 in different colors and she can wear them with leggings this spring and then bare legged on warmer days. I like skirts because they fit better with cloth diapers. I also can't complain that I am not going to have to buy any fabric since they use so little. My darling will be outfitted (the bottom half at least!) for the summer at the ripe old cost of nothing!

The other thing I realized we are lacking in, is sun hats for the boys. I don't have a pattern so this was a little more challenging, but I think I came up with something that will work. Knowing myself though, the boys will have an entire collection before I am satisfied with the result! I defintely have room for improvement.

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Morgan said...

That's a cool hat! I've been wanting to learn how to sew clothes. I haven't tried since I was a teenager- I always got frustrated trying to understand the patterns. The funny thing is that I make quilts, yet I can't even make a dress!

That's great that you'll be making things for your kiddos!