Resurrection Rolls

I am just full of posts these days...I feel like I have much to share! My friend Meredith put a link on her blog to this recipe for Resurrection Rolls. I thought they looked like a great idea to try so we made them last night with our supper. We made them right before we sat down and then they baked during our meal and we ate them for dessert.

Of course they weren't quite as easy as described in the recipe, seeing as living a gluten free life never is! So for those who may be interested, we made the following adaptations:
  • In place of croissant rolls I used a gluten free pie crust (1 C rice flour blend, 1 stick butter, dash of salt, and about a 1/4 C of water)
  • Since they aren't quite as strong as croissants and I wanted the marshmallow to still have room to rise, we pressed the crusts into muffin tins and called that our tomb and then cut out round pieces to cover the "body" with.
They worked great! I was nervous since I didn't try it first. Aidan's reaction was interesting. He was MAD that the tomb was empty. I actually thought he was going to have a full out melt down over it, but after some talking about it the crisis was averted.

Now, this is the end of the post as I had wanted to write it last night based on our experiences last night... and then we went to church this morning.

All the kids go up for the Children's Message and I see our Pastor take out a basket filled with little croissant rolls. He shares the same story we did last night and gives each child a gluten filled roll to take back with them to their seats. Aidan being the protective brother that he is asked right away if they were gluten free, but it wasn't necessary. Caleb knew he couldn't have them. The look on his face as all the other children crowded around to get their roll and he just kept walking. He didn't even ask. He is sadly wise for his three years of life.

Several other parents turned and gave us sad little pity looks but they don't get it. They don't get how much I just wanted to cry for Caleb not being able to participate with the other kids. I try really hard to make sure he will always be able to have treats when other kids do, but its times like this that tend to blindside me. It has never occurred to me that a Children's Message could be dangerous to my child. Something I needed to protect him from. I always bring something for Caleb if food might be involved (and in all honesty people from church are usually outstanding about letting me know if food will be involved), but this caught me completely off gaurd.

Just when I think I have my feelings about Celiac Disease under control... Last summer it was an ice cream cone at VBS. I thought he would be fine with ice cream in a bowl, but instead all he could think about was the cone he didn't get. That day we sat on the floor and cried together. Today there were no tears from either of us, so maybe we are making progress.


Rachel said...

It's hard to see your kids miss out. People don't understand - much like my asking if he could have crackers when you were over (glad I asked discretely, sort of)

Hopefully, these experiences will shape his character in a positive way - where he'll be able to forego things he doesn't really need without feeling dissatisfied. And that he'll be more compassionate to others in like situations.

Jen said...

aww that breaks my heart!! I am glad no tears were shed and I hope it gets easier as he gets older and can understand a bit better.