I love traditions. Family traditions, faith traditions, and everything in between. I love learning about traditions from other places and other times and I love sharing in other people's traditions and inviting them to share in mine.

My family has some traditions we have taken from our respective families and some that we have created for ourselves. The boys have come to cherish these times as much as I do. Here are some of our traditions:

Sunday Morning Doughnuts- We always have doughnuts for breakfast on Sunday. One of us (usually Tim) will walk to the gas station to pick some up, along with a Sunday Paper, which we read and enjoy with our doughnuts before heading to church. We keep a stash of gluten free doughnuts in the freezer for Caleb. This weekend we are going to try making gluten free doughnuts from scratch and are hoping to find a recipe we can use for special days (like Easter!).

Popcorn & Movie Night- Usually Sunday's at our house (helps compensate for the doughnuts), but this is an Olson Family tradition and my parent's still celebrate on Friday nights so sometimes we change things up! For a special mid-week treat on a rainy day I have been known to declare popcorn and movie lunches just to keep it interesting. The meal is basically popcorn, plus a hodgepodge of other snacky foods (typically some hard boiled or deviled eggs, some sort of fruit salad, maybe some meat and cheese, and other light items). They boys and Tim really like it when we invite others over for popcorn night because I actually plan better treats as opposed to reinventing my leftovers!

Christmas Jammies- My mom started the tradition of making matching pajamas for everyone Christmas Eve. The first few years of our marriage she did all the sewing, but two Christmas' ago she passed the job onto me. I wasn't convinced initially, but I will say I have gotten pretty darn good at putting together a pair of flannel pants!

Those are just a couple obviously, but last night we had the opportunity to participate in a tradition that was new to us- a Christian Seder for Passover. It was a great experience to have as a family and I can say with a lot of confidence that we all learned something new. Aidan was very engaged and listened well to each part. Tim sat between the boys and helped them so they could participate fully. I missed it, but I guess Caleb had a great reaction to the horseradish including trying to wipe it off his tongue with his napkin! Kylee was EXTREMELY tired, but she was a trooper as well. She quite enjoyed snacking on the matzo! A friend took some pictures and I will try to get some to post here.

All in all it was a facsinating learning experience for all of us. I don't think it could truly be done as an annual tradition because I think that it is only a part of the story for that day during Holy Week. As Christians we would miss the point if we ONLY talked about the Seder, but it is a piece that I can honestly say I understand far better today than I did yesterday and I am glad that my boys have had the experience.

Traditions are amazing things, really! I could go on all day I think!


Jen said...

I love reading about other people traditions.

we do the christmas jammies too, but I have not made them LOL I usually get the kids matching ones that they open up Christmas eve.

Meredith said...

Thanks for sharing your traditions, Heidi. We loved joining in your popcorn tradition recently.

We also went to a (learning) Seder Meal at church, and it was so interesting, especially hearing again how Jesus celebrated the Passover with his disciples and what happened that night differently than it ever had before.