Gluten Free Art With Babies

...also, experimenting with gluten-free salt dough and Kylee's first art project.

Today we made clay beads from The Little Hands Art Book. Of course, the salt dough recipe called for flour (and they don't mean rice flour!). Not only is it hard to do projects with gluten ingredients because I don't actually keep them around, it is also hard to clean up adequately after them and still feel safe for Caleb's next meal. As you can see by the pictures of the boys hands, they get quite dirty and it takes time to get all that gluten out from under the fingernails. Additionally, almost all commercially available clay products contain gluten. My adaptation for the salt dough used 2-3 cups of brown rice flour, 1 cup salt, and 1.5 cups of water. I baked them so I left the preservative out. Basically, the water to flour ratio is higher than with the gluten version. I started with 2 cups of flour and then added more until the dough came to a moldable consistency.

rolling the dough

putting a toothpick in to make the hole

baking at 300 degrees for about an hour

This is the point when my sleeping child (who had slept for all of about 15 minutes) decided to wake up. When I was trying to figure out where to put her, I had the sudden brainstorm that she could do art with us! I realized I had the perfect amount of dough left in my pile to do a hand print, and so we did!

She didn't really like me manipulating her hand to get the print...

but she cheered right up when I handed her the spoon and some measuring cups from the clay making!

Now I get these "ideas" and I have to run with them. I have like a compulsion where ideas start snowballing and I can't stop myself! I realized that if Kylee was going to do clay with the boys, she should also be able to paint with the boys. I didn't have any good baby paint, but be assured that I was as resourceful as always. I pulled out the gluten free kids cookbook I had set aside after not liking their dough recipe and whipped up a "quick" batch of homemade finger paints. The recipe consisted of exactly three ingredients...corn starch, sugar, and water (plus coloring). They instructed me to stir on "very low heat" until it reached a thick pudding consistancy. After stirring on low heat for almost 45 minutes, I cranked my old electric up to a good old 7 and it thickened right up!


tasting...and isn't it nice I know exactly what went into it?

After I helped her smear yellow on her handprint, I gave her some white paper with two blobs of paint to keep her busy while the boys did their bead painting (using regular poster paints, not finger paint). She was way more into this than painting the clay and was really pounding her hands in it. Although I'm looking at this series of pictures and wondering if I'm going to have a lefty....look what hand she is primarily using in every single picture!

mmmmm....more tasting

We painted some beads yellow, some red, and some blue. Tomorrow we will string them!

Telling Caleb that Kylee could use her hands and he could not was a lost cause from the start!

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Meredith said...

Fun! I think Kylie has changed since I last saw her. She's so beautiful.

And I love the blue hands picture of Caleb!!