Happy Mother's Day...Among other things!

Guess who is 75% of the way to 1 year old? And guess who won't let me take her picture to celebrate? Sitting still and being compliant is apparently not my daughter's forte....

What, not MY child?

In Mother's Day news, Tim surprised me with the bench/chair/plant stand with the butterfly on the back that I wanted for my garden. Thanks, Love! One of these Saturday's I will have to share Kenna's nooks and crannies in my garden ....probably not until things are looking more finished though.

The kids sang a cute little Mother's Day song at church this morning . Part way through they had 5-6 kids come to the microphone and say why they love their moms. Some moms got cute, "I love my mom because she reads to me" or "I love my mom because she takes me to the park." Aidan was not to be outdone though. He goes to the microphone and says, "I love my mom because she works on the garden." Does he know me or what? Other people might have thought it was funny, but I thought it was absolutely perfect!

Special Mother's Day wishes to all you moms out there; moms-in-waiting, mom's with little ones (or not so little anymore) close enough to reach out and hug, mom's who's children are grown, mom's who's children are far away and especially mom's who's little ones are smiling down on them from heaven.

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Rachel said...

Thanks, Happy Mommy's Day to you to, dear friend!