The boys in the sprinkler, and me with my Photoshop trial! Here are my attempts to blur the background. Obviously I still need practice, but getting rid of the fence and neighbors' houses in all my backgrounds would be great!

I love photography and I am a complete sucker for a great picture. I have this pipe dream of owning a Digital SLR and honing my skills so people can oooh and ahh over my photos. No interest in a career (I'm not foolish enough to think I could be that good!), but just a nice hobby and money saver if my own kids could cooperate! Of course I realize this is highly unlikely to happen (finances...time), but a girl has to have some dreams, right?

Oh and just for fun, you should all know that while I was playing with Photoshop, my oldest son answered the door naked....having stripped after his sprinkler playing!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, when I was about his age I (allegedly) rode around the block on my tricycle naked. My mother was probably mortified, but I don't remember it myself. Come to think of it, my mother didn't remember either, last time I asked her if it was true. Maybe it's just one of the many legendary exploits from my over-active imagination...