A Rainy Morning

Is perfect for painting egg carton tulips,

Reading a book,

Teaching yourself sign language,

Or just drooling on the books.

When the sun comes out later, its nice to play outside in the new grass,

Eat ice cream,

Or check up on your brothers

and steal their toys.

Be advised, however, that leaning over the edge of sandboxes sometimes results in crashing face first into them.

(Sorry there isn't a picture of that....the digger was too big to ignore long enough to photograph!)


Lisa said...

Love the book - T-F Pirates!

Heidi said...

Hmmmm....I wonder where he got that?

Anonymous said...

A rainy morning was the beginning of a day well spent, one filled with variety, togetherness, learning, exploration, discovery, family and love. You and Tim provide for your children an incredible atmosphere in which to grow, and blossom and shine. I see God's love throughout.

Kara said...

So cute!