What A Difference A Day Makes

Remember this? What a difference a few weeks (four to be exact) makes! Now don't be too envious of my bright red strawberry, it is green as glass on the other side and it is the only one! If the bloom to red timing is consistent, in about three weeks I should have a nice "harvest" of strawberries. Not enough for freezing or jam this year, but maybe next year!

Since I already introduced you to our church garden today, I won't spend too much time fussing over more things from mine. Our contest winner, chosen by assignment of random number by Aidan, is Jen. Jen and I have known each other since I was pregnant with Caleb and she was pregnant with her oldest. Now before you go accusing me of favoring someone I know, rest assured that since my readership is all of about 10, I was probably going to know the winner all along! I know you, don't I?

In honor of the conclusion of my first ever giveaway contest, I have a new challenge for you. This one is without a prize other than bragging rights for me (or maybe egg on my face depending on how things turn out). Our big project for today was to cage our tomato plants before they get any bigger. Being the anti-clutter person that I am, I gave away all of our tomato cages when we moved out of our house in Hinckley. Don't criticize- it seemed like a good idea at the time. We were moving into an apartment with no garage or storage and by giving them away I would not only NOT have to store them, I would NOT have to move them at all!

I digress, being my "backyard" garden is on public display for all who wander towards the unamed University not far from my house, I wanted something that looked a little nicer than the standard wire cages. Again, a good idea in theory. This afternoon we loaded up and went to an also unamed home building/decorating center in town to look at our options. The first several things we looked at were thrown out for cost or mere impracticality. Then we found these bundles of wood that were really cheap and already about the height we would need. I was absolutely sure that they could be properly put together to make nice wooden cages that match the rest of my garden.

Two (or maybe three) hours later, Tim and I each had a prototype built. They were built with the same materials (different fasteners) and are the same overall height. I took a picture of one before it went into the ground so you can see the height. So the question is, who built which cage and which one will support a tomato plant better? Bonus question, which one is more visually appealling?

Option A
5 Slats, 3 Slats are smaller trim pieces, Top slats are flattened sideways

Option B
4 slats, all uniform

Disclaimer- No malice or mean spirit is intended by this post. Tim is well aware of my intention to do it and thinks its funny. He is as curious as I am to settle this little friendly squabble! And quite frankly, I think he was quite awed by my ability to do this with three children "helping" because goodness knows they ALL had to help! We have also already decided which cage we are going to use (because, of course, I need them all to match) and have all the pieces cut so really this is all just for bragging rights!


Meredith said...

Okay, I'll go first. I admit to having no garden-sense, but it seems like Option B looks more practical because of the bigger spaces. They both look nice and orderly, but maybe the one with fewer slats (Option B) is less visually cluttered.

As to who made what, I say Heidi made Option B, only because with kids hanging on she had less hands-on-wood time and thus had fewer slats.

Hope I don't get it trouble with any of this. I really don't know much, but it sounds like you'd like us to join in the fun of guessing! Hope others are brave, too...

Rachel said...

This sounds a little like our great knob wars! I say Tim built A, b/c most guys think bigger is always better. I think you're going to use option B b/c unless SE'ern MN soil grows ginormous tomato plants, I don't think option A is as functional as B.

Hey, if I get this right, do I get some tomatoes? We planted our starts in the garden yesterday, but again the wind was so brutal, we'll be surprised if any make it.

Jen said...

ooh I won! How exciting :) Thanks!

Jen said...

ahh I wont take the prize since it was in fact another Jen who left you the comment :)

Heidi said...

It was? Shoot...first contest and I screw it up! I swear you did....lemme go look!

Heidi said...

I think it is hilarious that you both got it right. Both on what I designed and what what we are using. Although the 2 higher ones he built will go in the community garden at church..I won't just waste them!

Rachel- the guy we got our starters from puts his in 6 foot cages. He is a crazy good gardener and I he gave me some transplanting tips that I'm hoping will result in some great big plants!