Bread....Glorious Bread

Tim had the glorious find of a free bread machine on Craigslist a month or two ago, complete with a gluten free cycle and recipies. Oh, and did I mention it was brand new in box? I was hesitant to send him 30 miles away to pick it up, but it was completely worth it! I had to give away my old bread machine because of cross contamination issues. The recipies I had tried before getting this machine had not turned out all that great and I simply didn't have a taste for paying $6 for a loaf of gluten free bread that tasted like cardboard.

I'm still perfecting my loaves, but they are getting better! It's amazing how much we all appreciate a grilled cheese sandwich or a PB&J when we have gone so long without. I'm finding the best technique is to use the machine for the mix, knead, and rise cycles and then take it out and divide it into two smaller pans and do a second rise before baking it myself. It is less dense that way and cooks more thoroughly. I'm still working on tweaking the flours and add ins to get a more hearty tasting bread, but for now we will relish our very white bread and enjoy every bite of it! The thrill of watching Caleb enjoy french toast for the first time was worth thoasands more than any extra steps have cost us.

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