Celebrating Together

I have been working on this post all day in my head because I feel like it's a moment. It feels like an important post because today was an important day for our family. There was something in the air and it needs to be documented.

See, no one talks about it when he's around, but around our festive family gathering today you could hear the rumblings. Grandpa isn't doing well...this just might be his last Father's Day, or so tell me those in the family who know more about these things than I. Aidan was supposed to march in a parade today, but we decided this gathering was more important. Everyone that could, made the effort to be there.

Yes, let's take pictures. Let's be sure this day is well documented. It is not likely to happen again.

But yet it was a great day, not at all a sad day. The rain came and went in little showers, but the kids in the pool didn't care. The adults talked and played and laughed together. Every hour or so someone new would come bringing something different for the food table.

I had the chance to talk homeschooling with my cousin's wife who has three girls, two of whom are only a few months apart from my boys and also with my aunt (purple shirt...we might kinda look alike) who home schooled her boys (two strapping lads on the left above) through high school. I also had the chance to see almost all of my cousins, some of whom I hadn't seen in several years. It was nice to catch up with everyone. Since we all live in the same state, it seems silly we don't do it more often.

Tim played that lawn game with the funny golf balls and the PVC pipes. He fits in so well with my uncles and their endless teasing nature. That's my dad (Tim) in the picture with Tim, my husband. Got it?

All of the kids swam...and swam.....and swam. When we got in the car to leave, Caleb didn't make it a mile before he fell asleep. Kylee was close behind. Only Aidan managed to stay awake for the three hour car ride home.

We met the newest members of the family and celebrated the oldest.

It was a beautiful day and at the end we all felt pulled to do it again. Sooner this time.

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elsies7gifts said...

Families are such an important thing - I'm so glad you got to get together with yours. Looks and sounds like you had a great time.