Cooking School

For Christmas 2 years ago we bought Aidan this great cookbook.

Then we lost it.

During our room transformations earlier this week, however, the lost was found! Aidan immediately made plans to cook for us. So, today for lunch he made "Noodle Soup" and "Hide and Seek Muffins".

One of the amazing things to watch him learn is not only how to cook, but how to adapt a recipe to be gluten free. He obviously still needs a lot of guidance in this area, but he asks questions and recognizes ingredients that may need to be substituted. In the soup, for example, we used rice noodles instead of broken spaghetti noodles and a can of chicken stock instead of soup mix. We bought the cookbook in our gluten consuming days, and lost it before the transition. I am thrilled to see many naturally gluten free and easily adaptable recipes in a child friendly layout. In addition to the traditional written instructions, every recipe has a two page picture recipe with little to no reading required.

Caleb and his very dirty hands enjoyed the muffins!

Kylee ate two bowls of soup!
(Is it acceptable to use bamboo utensils with good-old Gerber plastic bowls?)

And Aidan? He is already planning the menu for next time and has picked out all the recipes that can be made with things from our garden!

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Anonymous said...

This is only tangentially related, but in my trucking days I occasionally hauled bulk gluten - about 40,000 pounds blown into a dry bulk tank trailer - From the Pillsbury mill near downtown Minneapolis to the Alpo pet food plant in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I also hauled bulk sugar - a substance I must now avoid - to ice cream plants and candy plants, including the plant here in Winona.

It is just a point to ponder, that some of us must work hard to avoid a food ingredient that is used in such incredible quantities all around us.