Once a school room...

Now a bedroom.

Once a bedroom...

Now a school room.

Caleb and Aidan needed to share a bedroom. The school room was rarely used to actually work in; the boys prefer to work in the living room or dining room. So, it seemed logical to put the materials in a smaller space and the bedroom in the bigger one. We left the writing table, writing materials, and non-fiction books in their room for now. We may have to adjust that a little after I see how they are used.

My concerns so far are that we ended up with more toys in our living room than I usually like and that Aidan will be able to see the TV from his bed at night if his door is open when he is falling asleep. Not usually a huge deal, but Tim and I do like to hang out on the couch and watch movies together at night from time to time!

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Amanda said... that was alot of work!! Great job!