24 Hours of Prayer for Stellan and His Family

So here's me going outside my comfort zone again, but I really feel strongly that this is what I need to be doing right now so here goes!

I have referred to MckMama and Stellan many times on my blog, some good and some not so good (for me at least). It has been just a week since I met with MckMama and other readers for brunch and much has happened in their lives in that time, specifically in regards to Stellan's health. You can click over to MckMama's blog to read more details.

Prayer is all that I have to offer MckMama right now. Prayers for Stellan, Jennifer, and the entire family as they continue on this seemingly unending journey. I have really felt called this afternoon to do more than just offer my own prayers, but also to actively seek and encourage the prayers of others.

I am doing that by trying to organize prayers around the clock from now until Stellan is able to go home. I would love to have as many people participating as possible including my blog readers even if you are not familiar with this family. You can email me (or leave your email in the comments to this post) with the times you are available (please convert to CST) and I will send you an email with information, including a specific hourly request or focus. I will also send you information on how to contact Jennifer at the end of your hour if you are so lead to share your experience with her.

I have also added Stellan's button to my sidebar and you can click on the button to read more or to add the button to your own blog. Even if you do not personally feel called to join this prayer vigil, please add this family to your personal prayers and uplift them during this difficult time.

Thank you!


IrishBelle1996 said...

I would love to participate in a prayer hour. Just let me know when you need someone. I can take any time! I have also followed Jennifer's blog and have been extremely touched by her story. I wish I could have made it to the MckPicnic, but I have enjoyed reading about it and hearing everone's experiences. I recieved my Stellan bracelet a few weeks ago and have not stopped wearing it since. I wear it proudly! Thank you for giving me an opportunity to help! I can be reached at cahamill@charter.net; my blog is www.godcountrysaintmarys.blogspot.com.


Following Him said...

Thank you for doing this. I just sent you an email!

Sugar Mommy said...

I can do an early morning or late night time for sure, but can probably do others, so just let me know what you have available.



Anonymous said...

Let me know of a time to pray! jensones71@aol.com


Rissa said...

could you be so kind to shoot me an email.. I left mine in the community form on blog frog.. & someone emailed me thinking i was the one doing the prayer vigil.. and I don't know what your email is!!
mine is handsdance@gmail.com.. I would appreciate it so I can get more info about the vigil & I can direct this sweet lady to you for the information as well!

Thanks & Blessings!

jinx said...

my email is schafflerjj@hotmail.com if you could let me know when you need someone between 12amCST and 4am CST is best for me each night.


Mindy May said...

I would love to be apart of this. I can do any hour after 6pm. Email me at mindymwaters@yahoo.com

MoJo said...

Thank you again Heidi for arranging this. I have maintained my 5-6 hour, as well as many times throughout the day.

You are a blessing to MckMama for whipping us all together!
See you Thursday?


Anonymous said...

Do you people have a facebook fan page? I looked for one on twitter but could not discover one, I would really like to become a fan!