Back To The Fun And Cames

My prayers for Stellan (see previous two posts) and other children and families are not stopping, but my blog is needing to return to some fun and uplifting moments. Its so easy to get wrapped up in the drama and emotion of such intense emotional times and forget the purpose of prayer is to put our trust in God. Its easy to spend so much time worrying about other people's family and forget about one's one.

Speaking hypothetically of course, because I would never become slightly obsessed with something like this! I would never pray for one child only to realize there are thousands of more just like him all over the world who don't have anyone praying for them, only to become dismayed because I couldn't pray for all of those children and families by name. I would not let that knowledge get in the way of my ability for the children who's names I do know, and in fact gave birth to.

Oh wait, I would....

But I am taking back the blog people! Prayers will continue, along with a refreshed sense of mission, but so will entertaining posts filled with pictures of my children Shredding and 8 million uses for summer's surplus of zucchini. We have family reunions, more family reunions, another camping trip, a certain extra special first birthday, bridging, and have I mentioned we are starting school in less than two weeks!

Fun, fun!

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