Catch Up Post!

I know I have been participating in lots of blog hops and other things the last two weeks, but now I am BACK! We are home (well half of us are home...more on that in a minute) and we have only two short trips out of town planned for the rest of the summer.

Canning season has begun in full force. My mom and I did 21 jars of currant jelly and 18 jars of strawberry jam while we stayed with them. She will finish up jam on her own with raspberry, blueberry, and possibly grape (they trimmed back the vines significantly this year so there may not be enough for jelly). We came home from our trip to 3 red tomatoes! Although the rest look to be a little farther behind, it signals the beginning nonetheless. I usually try to do 10-20 quarts of spaghetti sauce and then a variety of chili, plain tomatoes, tomato juice/sauce, pizza sauce, salsa, etc. It makes such a difference both on the budget and on food prep time during the busy months of the school year!

Caleb and Daddy are staying with Tim's mom for a few days, while Aidan, Kylee, and I hang out here. Tim is attending a training session and lodging at his parent's, so Caleb came along for the fun. They will be taking the train back to town on Thursday. Caleb is VERY excited about his first train ride!

In other Caleb news, his hip has been improving. He is still limping, but he is also walking normally at times. I'm hoping a few days without older brother's energy might slow him down enough to get around the corner. If not, I sought a second opinion from my almost Dr. Sister and decided if he is still limping on Monday we will do the physical therapy. It's just too important that he not develop a permanent limp regardless of what is (or is not) wrong with it.

We are starting to get organized for school this year. Our plan is to start the second week of August with Daddy still home so that he can present the great lessons each year (from the faith based perspective which is fun since he doesn't get to do that at school) and also help with little one (who is giving up her morning nap on me) wrangling while we get into a routine. I'm changing a few things and raising my expectations for Aidan quite a bit in terms of daily work and follow up. I am also hoping to be more organized with Caleb just in general. Expect a post with our 2009-2010 school year plans in the next week or two!

Next week is Vacation Bible School at church...still working in the garden...three August birthdays (has it been two years already?)... lots to do, lots to do!


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