Eeek! It's getting to be that time again!

Time to get ready for the school year! (And that is a happy eeeek..not a panicking eeeek)

I am a confessed teacher/educator junkie. The past two years I can say in all honesty that, despite my best efforts, I was quite jealous of Tim on the first days of school. There is so much hope and excitement and anticipation. Who will learn what this year? How will the classroom look? What will each day be like? How will the personalities all mesh together to form one unit by the end of the year? Almost too exciting to blog about!

I am constantly evaluating and reworking my plan (even during the school year) and have been putting things together for fall since we wrapped up in June. My goals for the year personally are:
  • To be more organized in my record keeping. This is not ultimately important with such young students, but a good habit to get into.
  • To use the Montessori curriculum more accurately and use fewer distracting activities.
  • To focus on presenting the entire preschool curriculum to Caleb. As much as he is my baby, he is not a baby and is, in fact, quite capable!
  • Increase the faith life of our family through home school and family activities
  • Find a homeschooling co-op to get involved with
Now for the big curriculum reveal and plans! We will keep our morning/daily schedule from last school year, because it was working well. The biggest difference will be no morning nap for Miss Kylee Ann! The first 3 weeks of the school year (beginning August 10th), Tim will present the Great Lessons and we will do family team building activities. I'm not going to share them yet, because one of them may end up as our family Christmas project if it turns out well. Besides, what would I write about later if I tell you all the good projects now? We will start slowly with lessons, planning to be fully into our schedule when Tim returns to school in the beginning of September.

So, this year, as a big old first grader, Aidan will be working with:
  • Handwriting without Tears, our only non-Montessori curriculum, but Tim and I feel it is needed. We are hoping to work through enough to switch to a spelling program towards the end of the school year, but handwriting needs to take priority at this point.
  • Golden Bead Materials- Working with all 4 operations, with and without borrowing/changing
  • Starting Basic Facts
  • Word types and sentence writing (this is a tough one because he is cognitively ready but the writing is so far behind its very challenging for him)
  • Reading fluency
  • Species classification
  • Money & Time (clock & calendar)
  • North America Map Study
  • Neighborhood/Community Study
As a 2nd year Early Childhood kiddo, Caleb will continue working heavily in practical life and sensorial activities, but will begin to add more hands on work with the academic materials such as:
  • Sandpaper letters and inset tracing
  • The beginning counting & number materials such as number rods, cards & counters, the spindle box, and others
  • The puzzle maps and continent drawers
  • The botany and biology puzzles
Since I don't like to leave anyone out, and Kylee will need something to keep her busy, she and I will work on some beginning practical life activities and she may get a few of the Montessori Infant/Toddler works if her Daddy has time to make them (or I decide to shell out the bucks)! Her big work for the one year old year is largely physical though, so I am hoping to find some ways to keep her body busy while the big boys work their brains!

And so we shall see! Thanks for those who left comments on my last post. I am still in a bit of a funk, but I will keep putting one foot in front of the other knowing that this too shall pass.

"One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child." ~Maria Montessori


lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

Sounds like a great year you have planned

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Love your blog hop picture....I enjoyed reading your blog today.
It is so much fun making new blog friends.
Hope you will stop by for a visit.