Everybody Needs A Best Friend

Sometimes a person comes into your life and you just don't have a clue where things will lead! Ashleigh and her parents lived in our apartment complex when Aidan was born. Her mom and I had both seen the *other* pregnant lady at the pool over the summer but had never introduced ourselves. When the kiddos were a few months old, we finally met at an ECFE meeting and discovered we were neighbors.

Both of our husbands were still finishing their last year of college and we made many evening phone calls to go on walks or just to play. I can honestly say that they are the only people I've ever had over for a play date at 9:00 at night! Leigh invited me to my first La Leche League meeting when Aidan was having so many health (mostly weight) issues. She also got me started on cloth diapering. We held a shared graduation party for Tim and Nathan.

Then we moved. Tim got a job 3 hours away and although I always planned to keep in touch, I never actually expected that we would! We made several trips to visit them, they came to visit us, and we met in the middle. For three years we subsisted on a day or two of visits once or twice per year. Despite that, Ash and Aidan never seemed to flinch when we threw them together again.

When we came back it was honestly like we'd never left. The kids picked right back up where they were. It's been so fun this last two years to be able to be involved in each other's lives more fully again. When we ask Aidan which friend he would like to play with or invite to a special event, the answer is almost always Ashleigh.

These two have truly grown up together and it has been so much fun to watch them!

Oh...and the adult companionship has been great to!


Bethany said...

That's so awesome that they still have each other- maybe they'll get married some day! ;)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That is great! You are lucky to have had another mom during those first few months and trying times!