Loose Ends

...that someone else tied up better than I could.

I am sitting at my computer much later than I normally would listening to the quiet sounds of a house full of 5, yes 5, sleeping 5 and unders. While some friends enjoy a little (longer than they anticipated) Shakespeare, I have been enjoying some quiet time at the computer catching up on favorite blogs and looking for new ones.

You may remember my response to the Montessori infants and toddler book I read many months ago. You can refresh your memory here, or you can keep reading and I will remind you what I said! Basically I said, wow what a great educational and developmental method but what a load of BS when it comes to how to care for infants. Being a confident (we'll go with that over cocky) mom I promptly ignored all of what I read and can tell you that my peanut spends time every day on my back even though she can move fine on her own and we did not wean when she hit the magical age of 9 months. I am also not remotely concerned about her developing dependency on me regarding these matters.

Then today and I come across this post. It turns out that Montessori herself did not propose these ludicrous rules of parenting, but rather many of her early followers created them as a way to provide structure into their school settings. In fact, Montessori encouraged and uplifted these actions as ideals over the comparable Western societies. She notes that both baby wearing and extended breastfeeding serve as invaluable tools that drive the mother and baby to stay together...thus allowing the small child to learn about their world and communicate with their caregivers.

The more I read about this woman the more I am amazed how right she was. Her method of observing children truly should have revolutionized education. It blows my mind that it did not. As I am learning and using her teaching methods I am coming to believe more fully in them, as is Tim in his own Montessori journey. There is beauty in the way they are designed and beauty in the way that they work together. It is a centered and balanced approach to education, not to mention deeply spiritual. She took so much into account the really delves into developing amazing human beings.

Peaceful babies, peaceful children, and peaceful parents.

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