Pictures Again!

So my blog has been dominated by picture-less posts lately. I would love to tell you there is some great reason for this, but basically I've been forgetting to bring the camera on our outings and we aren't around the house as much for candids from here! I have some great dairy farm pictures that are on my mom's camera...we'll get to those sometime... but for now Aidan and Tim's trip to the Metrodome.

Last night was Scout night at the Dome. All for the ripe old price of 30 dollars each, Tim and Aidan (and Tim's cousin, T) got game tickets, hot dog & pop, Twins t shirts, and camping on the field. That is if you can call 45 minutes of sleep with hundreds of other people camping.

Hanging out in the Dugout!

Aidan calls for backup!

Wow, that yellow shirt was a great idea!

Practicing Climbing the Fence

How old is he again?

Coming tomorrow... the absolute BEST gluten free cupcakes I have ever made. I promise pictures and a recipe!

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Rachel said...

An unforgettable experience, I'm sure!