Shredded Minis!

The advent of this post is all Amanda's fault. I'm not sure that is a bad thing, however, because the forthcoming pictures are almost as funny as her review.

After we read the review, we went out and bought it (obviously). The first night we did it, the boys were both in bed, but Aidan was watching through his bedroom door (one of the reasons for the living room rearrange). So it was, challenging? Aidan kept barking out the door, "She said no rests, Mommy. That means no stopping." Then after that night he kept asking when we were going to do number 2 instead of number 1.

Well, last weekend one day, after a substantial amount of begging we did it while the boys were awake and they joined right in.

Did you know that a 3 year old is incapable of hearing 1 or 2 without continuing to count 3, 4? Every time...there was Caleb, counting away!

Of course Miss Kylee had to get in on the fun with her brothers...

And what do we think?

Well, we lost a combined 10 pounds after one week. Tim lost more than me, but what can I say...he was working out while someone was taking pictures!

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Amanda said...

Oh my goodnes that is AWESOME!!! Those pictures are just priceless!! You guys rock!! I am TOO impressed. I just can;t stop typing exclamation marks! lol