200th Post

Today marks my 200th post on my blog! I absolutely love writing it and appreciate the warm comments and friendships that have happened here. Most of my regular readers are family and friends, but I still feel closer to many of them as a result of being able to keep in touch this way. This group has lifted me up more than once when I was feeling kind of down or just out there somewhere!

My brain is feeling random and somewhat overwhelmed right now (our camping trip going into the school week threw me for a huge loop having to do all that laundry...including all our sleeping bags and pillows), but I wanted to share two (not related and somewhat random) things with you.

First of all, I would really appreciate if any of my readers could stop by my friend Rachel's blog and offer her some prayers and encouragement. Her most recent post explains what's going on fairly well. I can't explain to everyone how much I am hurting for them right now and have been since this whole antibody issue arose. I think God has big plans for this family, but they could use some prayers and encouragement to help them get through the part of the journey they are on right now!

In a completely unrelated note, did you know you can drop off extra garden produce at the food shelf? At least in my town you can. I did not know this and a friend told me about it at the Farmer's Market a couple of weeks ago. Today we dropped off a dozen or two yellow and green zucchini's that we just couldn't possibly eat. Sadly, the shelves in our town are almost bare right now. I'm told its a combination of a decrease in donations as people tighten their own belts and the increase in people seeking assistance from the food shelf. If you have extra garden produce, or if you have some other food items or dollars you could spare, I am sure the food shelf closest to you may be in need as well. I simply can't imagine being in a place where we needed to ask for help as a family, gathering the courage to ask, and then being turned away because there wasn't anything available.

So on that note, I am off for the night! Have a thrillingly wonderful evening!


chili pepper said...

Hi, Heidi.

So glad you stopped by Art's chili. I hope to see you around often. I look forward to wandering around here a bit and getting to know you a little as time permits.


Rachel said...

Thanks Heidi! You are a blessing to me! I still hope we can have you guys over next time you're in town!