At A Loss For Words Wednesday!

I really do enjoy posting Wordless Wednesday pictures. It can be a nice break from blogging and also a fun peak into our real life. Since Kylee broke her arm this week and I haven't had as much computer time anyways (and its all on Tim's work laptop instead of my computer where I could dig out old pictures) I'm going to share two things that happened yesterday that left me at a loss for words! One left me shaking myhead in disbelief and the other, judge for yourself!

Since we are not at home and had x-rays taken here, I spent quite a bit of time on the phone yesterday trying to organize the transfer of those records so our local hospital could make sure she was seen by the right person. I really appreciate that they took the time to call us and find the right doctor from the start instead of having us waste a visit with someone who wouldn't be able to help us. That being said, the nice customer service people at the big corporate hospital up here were much less helpful. After two seperate phone calls, the first of which I was told they couldn't help me at all and was basically hung up on, they told me there was no way to fax or email the images electronically because the films needed to be mailed or picked up. Really, no way to fax or email? I was given a paper copy of the xrays before we left and they used a computer check them in the first place. At 4:00 I had to hop into the van with Kylee and drive to the hospital, hoping to get there before the office closed at 4:30. I get there with 10 minutes to spare, and what do they hand me? A CD and a radiology report with exactly 1 sentance on it. Obviously there was no way to fax or electronically transmit that!


Since I've been busy with Kylee (and the medical records people from Fairview), I hadn't gotten laundry done the way I would have liked to. After going swimming yesterday, Caleb went downstairs to get dressed, only to find he didn't have any clean clothes. Don't worry though, Caleb had a solution. This skirt and the t-shirt Kylee wore to the beach would be perfect!

It also would have made a perfect Wordless Wednesday picture, except the skirt wasn't long enough to cover all of his boy parts and I do have some limits in blogging!


Amanda said...

I can't believe little Kylee... so sorry!! What a horrifying experience! I think I would be crazy if that happened!! Sounds like you are handling things really well, in spite of bad customer service...

Will be keeping you all in my prayers!


mary grace said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And , on behalf of your son's future wife, let me say thanks for not posting that picture. :-)

Rachel said...

I'm assuming you've been dealing with the lovely people at Fairview Lakes with all of Kylee's stuff. Yeah, we've dealt with the same stuff. Paul spent hours on the phone with various individuals there trying to figure out the billing after Felicity's death. Finally he talked to someone who knew what was going on and who knew exactly what to, but it took probably 6+ calls and hours on the phone.