Custom Orders

Did you know I used to have my own sewing business? 

Back when I had only 1 child, I made a modest second (third) income sewing cloth diapers & accessories, wet bags, ring slings, and slings for kids.  Once Caleb came along, I really didn't have the time to commit to it regularly so I closed my online store, but I have continued doing custom orders.

My main custom order item is slings.  Because every order is custom, every fabric is custom chosen.  I have made John Deere slings, matched nursery colors, and my most recent custom order...outfitted half of a rugby team in team colors!  I love the way they turned out, so I want to share.  Every sling is lined with a different color.  The dark purple solid is lined with the lighter purple print and visa versa.  The same thing applies to the purple & black print and the solid black.

Every once in a while I think I just might have time to do this more regularly again, but I know now is not the time.  For now I will keep sewing for myself, my friends, and the occasional custom order! 

I am currently redesigning my cloth diaper all in one pattern.  If you were designing the perfect all in one, what features would you want to see?  Dream big...there's nothing I like more than a sewing challenge!

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