A Divine Quote

I've gotten some questions in the past about the title of our blog and the story behind the title (Work & Play, Day by Day). It is in fact, a combination of several things, including the fact that "work" is the term Dr. Montessori used to describe her educational methods. I was reading The Divine Secrets of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood this afternoon and I came across this quote and was reminded of my blog here.

"As Sidda set down the magnifying glass and closed the book of "Divine Secrets," something caught her eye. An adult and an adolescent eagle took off from the uppermost perch of an old cedar near the cabin. As the adult swept from her spot in the tree, her wings beat so loudly it almost sounded amplified. When Sidda heard the clamor, her head tilted to one side. Those eagles, like angels, don't distinguish between work and play. To them, it is all one and the same."

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Rachel said...

Great quote! It's great to have our kids learn to work and to enjoy work!