First Day of School!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

The first day of school that Aidan and I have been not so patiently waiting for is here!

I set the alarm for 6:00 so I could get up and get some chores done and have some quiet time before the day started to help me with my goals for this school year. The boys were a little too excited though and instead of waiting until 7:00 to get up (they almost always get up at 7:00 on the dot without any assistance) they were both camped out on the couch by the time I got out of the shower! I told them they had to stay in their rooms quietly and they could start their chores if they wanted (they didn't...).

After some fresh muffins for breakfast, we dove right in! Aidan wanted to spend 5 minutes with every material we have and learn everything for the year, today. He liked his Handwriting Without Tears pages and his new planner. After he finally realized I was serious about choosing a work and then sticking with it until it was complete, he completed the 100 board. I was glad to see he challenged himself right away to do it without the numbers (we have a reversible one that has all the numbers on one side and a blank grid on the other). Focus looks to be a major challenge again this year for him. We got off on the right foot I'm hopeful!

Caleb worked hard for the entire 2 hours of work time. We didn't do anything new, just some review of previous things, but he was chomping at the bit for more! Our red rods magically turned red over the summer (remember the unpainted versions?) and he worked with those and the binomial cube.

We also reviewed the sandpaper letters and I was impressed at what he remembered because I did not do anything with him all summer. After snack, he decided he needed to make a new place mat and he dove right into the art cupboard to pull out everything he would need. He spent almost an hour cutting and gluing and by lunchtime he had a beautiful creation without any help from me (ok...I did the laminating).

Kylee wasn't too much of a stink pot, although of course it was easier with Tim here. I tried not to keep sending her off with him though, because I don't want to get in the habit of relying on him to keep her busy. She did nap for about an hour, which was nice and she participated in our family art project and *helped* with Tim's demonstration.

Tim did present a Great Lesson experiment, but I will save those pictures for a later post on the great lessons. Tim has graciously agreed to type up homeschooling versions of his great lessons with stories and experiments to post on my blog. There are lots of resources out there for Montessori homeschooling, but all of the posts I've found have just been links to which resources each family uses from more traditional sites. He is going to adapt and blend specifically for homeschooling just for all my Montessori readers!

I am also savings our family art projects, because I want to do those in a mini-series sort of posts with instructions so others can join in the fun!  I will actually be debuting the family art series as a guest blogger on Mama Notes in the coming weeks and then continuing it on my own blog.

Although it will be difficult, I will resist the urge to come back every day and tell you exactly what we do! I am trying to keep a paper plan and record this year (it all goes back that pesky organization goal). We'll see how I like it in a week or two!

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Rachel said...

Okay, I zeroed in on the comment about "focus being a major challenge again this year." Ethan struggles with focus too - he's easily distracted by any comment/noise Elijah makes, but I notice this especially with tasks like chores and so forth. It takes him FOREVER to do simple tasks b/c he gets distracted by a toy on the floor, or his brother asking him something. The list goes on and on. We're going to work on this this year by using a timer and setting it for the amount of time a task (not usually schoolwork) should take him. I think it's a common issue for boys this age. Thanks for listening to me vent! LOL

Amber said...

Oooo, hello! I would be interested in the home-schooli style "great Lessons" :)

Kylie said...

Heidi, can you pointme to your posts on the great lessons that Tim has done please?

Gigi said...

How do you like "Handwriting Without Tears"?