Homeschool Week In Review

Remember I do this mainly for myself, but of course if you read along and want to get some ideas or just see cute pictures of my kids that's A-OK with me!

In addition to our impromptu field trip, this week Aidan did quite a bit of bead work,

made botany booklets,

and arranged some flowers.

He also did handwriting, reading, and 2 Great Lessons.

Caleb worked with the North America Puzzle,

completed the color matching board (instructions to make your own here),

and moved from the red rods to the red & blue (in our case black) rods.

Kylee worked on mastering her large motor skills this week by helping Daddy fix the kitchen fan instead of going to bed

and generally just stood on her head a lot.

Oh, and she discovered the toilet...God save us all!

Overall I would describe this as a pretty good week. The fast transition from our camping trip to school was rough, but by the end of the week I think everyone (myself included) had caught up on sleep and that made a big difference. Next week is Daddy's last week before he heads back for workshops and we have two birthdays, so it will certainly be busy!

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Rachel said...

Heidi -
We're celebrating Elijah's 3rd bday next Saturday so I can't make the pirate party - ARGH! Ha! Thanks for the invite though. I know Kenna's bday is coming up and got your email. Are you looking for gently used books too? Hope you can remember your sweet girl with more smiles than sadness this year!