The Long Promised Zucchini Post

Also known as how to conquer this....


Every year is a little different in the garden.  Some years you get a great tomato crop and sad small little carrots.  Other years are different.  In our part of the country, however, one thing you can always count on is zucchini!  This year we had more yellow than green, but our crop of both was more than adequate!  The pile above is about 3 days worth of growth and we have been eating zucchini since early July.

Zucchini's are actually a variety of summer squash.  Most people are more familiar with the green variety.  We plant and use both green and yellow interchangeably, although the yellow is a bit sweeter and I think our kids like it better in vegetable form (as opposed to baked good form).   The following list is all of the ways (I think) that we have eaten this vegetable just this year.  We have also frozen zucchini bread, 2 cup (the amount called for in my bread recipe) bags of shredded green zucchini, and diced yellow zucchini to eat throughout the winter.

Zucchini bread
Carrot zucchini muffins
Chocolate zucchini pancakes
Stir fried
Mashed in potatoes (Kylee approved of this concoction)
Egg bake with zucchini and potato crust
Breakfast potatoes
Tomato & zucchini pasta sauce
In pasta salad
Chocolate zucchini bread
Zucchini bread french toast (not very good- FYI)
Zucchini nuggets
Augratin potatoes & zucchini
Deep Fried (all vegetable value is lost here)
In spaghetti sauce
Rice & vegetable bake
Soup vegetable
Pizza crust (thanks for the idea Leigh!)
As Pasta (spiraled or sliced)
Dehydrated as "chips"
In Juice


Is there any way I have missed that you enjoy your zucchini?  What do you do with your surplus?  There is still time to eat more zucchini yet this year!


jenny said...

Thanks 4 your comment:0)
We have been growing tomatoes this year and we have got quite a few. Recently we enjoyed the glut of blackberries in the garden and I have made several pots of bramble jelly..ym.

My Boys' Teacher said...

LOL! Thanks for this list...I sure needed it. I read somewhere once "we never have to lock our car doors in our town, except in zucchini season. If you don't you'll return to your car and the passenger seat will be full of it."