We had some new neighbors move in earlier this summer, but hadn't had a chance to meet them yet. When they moved in, the boys were peeking through the windows hoping to catch a glimpse of some kids. We live in a college neighborhood and younger kids are a little sparse! Lucky for us, there is a little girl about Aidan's age. They moved in months ago, but we hadn't had a chance to go and introduce ourselves thanks to our busy schedule and the fact I am not the most outgoing person.

Well this morning, Aidan asked if he could walk across the street with Caleb and introduce himself to see if could make a new friend. They were out painting the front entrance and Aidan walked right up and said hello. After the kids chatted (through the mom) for a few minutes, I walked over and introduced myself and Kylee. We chatted a few minutes and then we came back home, with promises to the kids they can play together in the future.

We went to pick some tomatoes and do a little weeding and play time outside. Aidan comes over after a few minutes and says, "Mommy, can I go offer them some zucchini?" I said yes and he goes into the house and gets 3-4 big zucchini's and walks them over. When he got back he was very excited because "The mom was so gratecious." I think that would be a combination of grateful and gracious....but I'm not exactly sure!

I for one am very gratecious that Aidan was so thoughtful and that the kids have found a potential playmate!


Bethany said...

It sounds like you have very nice neighbors- the gratecious is too cute!

Joellen said...

Aidan is pretty gratecious himself... I was so touched that he and Caleb both were so comfortable sitting with me in church today. I know they miss Chloe too, and, weirdly, it helps... :-)