A New Chair

Aidan has had this table for awhile, but he didn't have a chair to go with it.  Saturday I did a major porch decluttering and clean up and I realized we had a great spot for a work space.  The spot has bright natural lighting and a fresh cool breeze, not to mention some quiet and separation from distractions (Kylee).  

I went ahead and moved the desk out there, hoping to find a garage sale or thrift chair soon.  Then lo and behold on the way home from church on Sunday we saw this child height chair curbside.  It isn't the prettiest beast ever, but it definitely will get the job done and the price was right!
Now I  have to work on adding some physical beauty to such a perfect space for school work!

What would you put here?  Flowers?  Artwork?  Pretty Curtains?
Leave your ideas and I will share a picture when it is finished- Maybe your idea will be featured!


Amanda said...

I would just add lots of color!! Hang big pieces of posted board on the wall in front of and next to his desk. Let the kiddies doodle at will. Write the alphabet! Their numbers! The days of the week... even sentences... anything that will inspire little minds.

What a great find!!


Ashley said...

I've just started reading and am enjoying! I would fill some glass jars with food coloring and water and put them in the window. The kids would enjoy experimenting with color mixing too.

Michelle said...

I would put a few plants on the window sill and hang a birdfeeder outside the window.