Not Me Monday Goes Camping

What is it about my vacations that makes such great Not Me Monday blog fodder? Remember our Memorial Day weekend adventures? Our camping trip this past weekend was not much different!

We did not pack for a drive in site, only to arrive and discover that they were more expensive than the hike in a lot when you consider some irritating one tent rule on the drive in site that meant we would have to pay for two drive in sites if we wanted my sister and her girlfriend or our other friends to join us. I am not so cheap that we hiked the quarter mile to camp with our kids and stuff. I did not make my kids carry backpacks that were too big for them on said hike. I also did not steal my husband's walking stick while I carried nothing more than Kylee on my back...oh, and the camera.

I did not think it was all worth it when I saw the amazing dried out creek bank on three sides of our campsite. I did not secretly cheer knowing those creek banks were going to be site of much fun and games for small children, leaving grown ups to actually do grown up things like play cards and sit around the campfire talking and reading.

After camp was set up, while children were playing and grown ups were doing the aforementioned grown up activities, my 3 and almost 6 year old boys did not decide to go on a hike by themselves. They did not try to go back to the car to wait for Auntie Brenda, despite being given explicit instructions to stay within eye sight of the tent. I was not forced to stand at the campsite with Kylee and listen to my marathoner husband running all of the trails near the site yelling the boys names in his blue jeans and hiking shoes. They did not come back like they had never been gone after 15 minutes or so.

I was not so relieved they were fine that I forgot to yell at ... I mean ahem, discipline ... them as much as I probably should have.

The next day Aidan did not lead us directly to a bridge they found. Despite being told about the bridge, we did not all doubt the existence of said bridge as we hiked further from camp. It did not take us over a half mile to eventually reach this bridge. Upon reaching said bridge, my oldest son did not say the following things to me...
  • When I saw the bridge we decided to come back because I knew there wasn't a bridge on the way to the van.
  • I told Caleb to stay with me so he wouldn't get lost.
  • Caleb was whining a lot but I told him to just stop whining already.
I am not still torn between laughter, tears, and screaming.

I am not forced to admit it may all have been worth it when I saw the boys voluntarily holding each others hands on a later hike. At that moment, I did not curse myself for not having a camera, but it was definitely a brotherly moment their mama will not forget.


To make sure our trip continued to be boring, I did not get stung by a wasp. This was not a problem because I am not allergic to wasps and if I were allergic to wasps, I would always keep an up to date epi pen with me. I was not extremely lucky that my reaction was fairly mild, indicating that the wasp was a variety that I am extremely sensitive too and not one that I have an anaphylactic reaction to. That being said, I did not consider taking a picture of my "mild" reaction that covered my entire inner thigh from knee to groin wider than my hand span. I did not get this mysterious sting when something flew up my shorts when I went to use the porta potty.

To fully cap off our extraordinarily normal camping expedition, it did not start raining around 10:00 PM on Saturday night. It did not rain all night. We did not laugh at our less campy friends that were with us because their tent leaked. We did not all stay awake most of the night anyways because Kylee would not stop crying.

I think our friends might decide never to have kids...

While my husband packed up camp in the rain at 7:00 in the morning, I did not sit in the van with the kids eating doughnut holes, cold (precooked) bacon, and juice boxes.

I will not say that we had a good time anyways.

Oh...and when we got home I most certainly did not step into a hot bath at 11:00 in the morning and then get dressed in my pajamas for the rest of the day and declare the 2009 camping season complete!

Nope....not me!

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maddie/cadesmimi said...

Hi, Your camping trip sounds a lot like ours used to when our kids were small. Camping is never dull! Enjoy these times, you'll look back later and laugh! Blessings, Kathy at or

The Thompsons said...

Love it! LOL

Foursons said...

I was hoping for a picture of the sting!

And as soon as you said your campground was surrounded by dry creek beds I immediately thought of flash flooding. I'm glad the rain didn't do that to you!

Ann Marie said...

You are SO funny!!!! "Our friends may never have kids!" I've sooo been there! And I love that lil picture of your JR gardeners too! Keep up the great work Mom!

Charity said...

I bet you are excited, custom orders are so much fun! I love going through the whole design process and then seeing the finished product its wonderful!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It looks like you had a great time!!!
I'm so glad you were okay after the wasp sting-scary!!!

Jennifer said...

Awesome! And to think you wouldn't have gotten that dry creek bed at the expensive place.... That was a fun read!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness!!! I would have DIED if my kids took off... you are a saint!


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chili pepper said...


You must have been beside yourself. I can only imagine how terrified I would be if it was my kids missing...not that I would put something similar past them. Just that it hasn't happened yet. Your trip sounds like some of my past experiences that turned me off to camping for the last 20 years. That is until this Summer when we had a perfectly excellent camping experience...which you can read about in one of my old Not Me Mondays (July somewhere).