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Our First Broken Arm

And you will not believe who it is!

Kylee, yes Kylee, fell and broke her arm this morning at my parent's house. We spent our morning getting x-rays and having her arm splinted at the same ER that took care of Caleb when he was sick as a baby. Actually we had one of the same nurses who was so awesome when he was in the hospital.

She has a buckle fracture in her lower radius, above her wrist. She has a temporary splint until Friday when we will see a pediatrician at home to see about a hard cast. Just in time for her first birthday next weekend!

Happy almost Birthday, Kylee!


Alexis said…
Your poor little baby! I'm sure it will be a challenge having a baby with a huge cast. I'll be praying for you!!!

So gluten free, huh? That's admirable! I have such high aspirations of doing things like that and it never seems to work out for me. I admire you for it, though!
elsies7gifts said…
poor Kylee - hope it heals fast for her. We have (knock on wood) only had 1 broken bone - dc#6 broke his foot when he was 2. (our first baby had a fractured skull when she was born too). Be sure to ask for the water proof cast for her - it makes a world of difference.
Oh now! Poor little thing!
My stepdaughter just broke her wrist a few weeks ago and she just got the cast taken off last week.

Came here through the blogfrog thread and will check out your blog now.
Poor girl. Four of our children have had broken bones, but they all occurred during birth, so nothing that they remember.

Hope things heal quickly and well.
Rachel said…
Poor Kylee (and poor Heidi - I'm sure that was a tough day to handle!)
Meredith said…
Oh my! What a surprise to read this, Heidi. I hope you are all doing well, and that her little almost-one-year-old arm will heal soon!
Ms. G said…
Oh no! She sure is precious. I hope she feels better.
Bethany said…
Aww, poor little girl! I hope it heals quickly!
Kate said…
Oh no - poor thing, hope it heals fast.
Cardamom said…
Awwww. I second the waterproof cast - makes bathtime a breeze. We've just had 2 broken bone episodes - 5 year old broke her collar bone and 4 year old somehow landed on her own hand and broke two fingers in the palm.
TS said…
HI there! Our 11 month old just did the same thing today. WE'll be heading to the doc tomorrow. Curious - did you end up getting a permanent cast? Would love to hear. Thanks!