Our Week In Review!

Ah...I remember these old posts from last school year fondly! One post every week (when I remembered) to sum up the work we did during the week. Usually lots of pictures.

Today I am excited to revive the weekly review post! Since we are leaving to go camping (again) tomorrow and having the van tires replaced and having Kylee's 1 year pictures taken, we decided to call it a week!

First of all, I must shout from the mountain tops that I LOVE Handwriting Without Tears. This is how our week went...

Day 1- Aidan shrieking and whining that he didn't want to do it and he hates writing. Lots of eye rolling and pouting while we struggle to finish 1 page. Me fearing we are in for a long year.

Day 2- Slight resistance to starting it, but no whining to complete it. Still struggles a little to finish 1 page, doesn't want me to leave him while he is working.

Day 3- No whining or resistance, does 1 page well. Resistant to me leaving, but lets it happen a little.

Day 4- Does THREE pages, no resistance, all done neatly and without complaining. Me checking in, but not sitting with him. Finishes up telling me how hard he worked and what a good job he did on handwriting today.

And he really did! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can tell a difference in how carefully he is forming his letters in all his writing (not just specific handwriting work) and even on letters we haven't done yet.

This was exactly the progress I needed to see to encourage me that we made the right decision in finding him a curriculum. It goes against, what the bare bones of Montessori would do, but it is exactly what he needed. I don't need him to win any prizes for his handwriting, but I do expect him to take his time to write correctly and legibly. Now I feel we are finally on our way to that!

So other than handwriting, Aidan worked on the North America puzzle,

Reviewed making numbers with the Golden Beads,

Counted to 100 with the Bead Chain,

And participated in experiments and family art projects (more on those later).

Caleb mastered the binomial cube,

Practiced with sandpaper letters,

And took what he knows of the Red Rods and experimented with the Bead Stair.

Kylee learned to drink out of a cup,

And put coins into her coin box.

One of the neatest things that happened this week is the way work gravitated to the kitchen table. I'm not exactly sure what the appeal was, but everything just kind of centered there. I loved the comfortable feeling that it gave to our school work!

I hope and pray that this image continues to resonate for the remainder of the school year. It accurately captures the tone that was set this week!


Lisa said...

Yeah for Handwriting without Tears! I love it too, especially because I think the kids know that there isn't much "work" to do but they do have to do it well instead of just finishing up 25 letter "a's" they just have to do 5 but well. Glad you like it as much as I do!

Amanda said...

Great news!!! I am so proud of your little ones!!


P.S. I headed out to Fargo... or I would have stopped and said hi! :)

Jerri said...

Hello Heidi. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I really admire homeschool moms. Good luck this year!

Heidi said...

Amanda- Wrong direction I guess! Did you ride the train though? Tim took Caleb on a train earlier this summer and he loved it. We were looking to see about taking a trip that way as a family someday!