Tomato Season Has Begun


Rachel said...

You're good - at least you wash your veggies before photographing them.

Can't wait for our tomatos to get ripe!

Meredith said...

Lovely! Ours are coming now, too.

I forgot to THANK YOU for sharing your tomatoes and beans with us while you were gone. I picked Wed of that week, and gave the tomatoes to Bernadette (she doesn't have a garden, and I knew we'd have some soon), and we split the beans. I hope we left enough for you! Thanks again.

Oh, and I'd love to look at that map. My father in law just brought some zucchini today, so if you know of someone else who could use it, go ahead and offer it. If not, I could always make more zucchini bread!

Heidi said...

Meredith I am TRILLED to hear your were able to share with Bernadette! We had just enough of a picking when we got home to be perfect for us.

Rachel believe it or not those are completely unwashed and the photo is edited. They came out of the garden that way! And remember those tomato cages that seemed way too big? These tomatoes are growing straight out the tops of them and twice is wide in all directions...after some serious trimming!