10 Things I Might Be Doing If You Stop By My House Right Now

Thanks to blogging, I virtually stop by dozens (maybe hundreds...I'm in denial about the exact number) of friend's houses every day.  Of course they may be in their pajamas or they may not even be home, but I get to stop by and *chat* just the same.  So, if you were to stop by my house right now, here are 10 things you might find me doing!
  1. On the computer.  Aren't YOU on the computer?
  2. Working with the boys on home school projects.
  3. Nursing Kylee.
  4. Something related to laundry.
  5. Making a giant mess of my kitchen batch cooking or canning.  True story... my poor friend Leigh stopped by last week and I had my 18 qt. roaster filled with 10 pounds of ground meat that I was browning for freezer meals.  I turned it down and we proceeded to have a nice chat while it continued cooking!
  6. Outside working in the garden.
  7. Reading aloud to the boys.
  8. Outside reading or knitting while the kids play.
  9. Upstairs working on my sewing table- most likely sewing something for Kylee.
  10. Doing some variety of cleaning or list making, although this is mostly limited to early morning and evening times.
What would I find you doing?


Sandy Hop said...

What a great idea for a post! I may have to borrow the idea!
I posted a reply in my comments, but wasn't sure if you'd make it back. I usually use Bob's when cooking anything for myself with oats. Yes, it is a major ouchie on the budget. But, I love oats soo much, and I'm so grateful I don't need to completely cut them out of my diet- but they have gone from an every day thing to just a special treat. :( The oats I used in my recipe post were for the boys- plain old Aldi oats. They love them.

*Mirage* said...

Lol! I might be just a bit in denial about the number of people I "visit" each day as well... ;) I am new to blogging and reading blogs and am finding it a bit addicting.
If you were to stop by my house this week you might find me...
-Checking my blog obsessively to see if anyone has entered my giveaway yet.
-Working on making something for next week's giveaway.
-Dancing like a lame ostrich with my two littles and then laughing hysterically with them on the floor.
-Chasing the neighborhood bully of a stray cat with a shovel, water balloon, pitcher of cold water, etc. after catching it beating the daylights out of my little kitty again.
-Taking a deep breath and counting to ten.
-Playing my 3 y/o daughter's version of Pictionary; i.e. drawing 50-million pictures for her to color.
-Fishing a mermaid and a merbaby out of the bathtub.
-Praying for my mom and my Nana among others.
-Leaving hyper and strange too-tired comments on all the blogs I read at 2am.
-Or maybe you'd catch me during my kids' synchronized nap when I am watching soap operas on the couch and eating oreos... Oh did I fall asleep there for a second? I think I was dreaming! ;)

Heidi said...

Sandy- I check back to your blog fairly regularly, but thanks for letting me know! Feel free to snag my idea (you could share the link love too!).

Mirage- Thanks for posting what you'd be doing! I love to know. I haven't had a chance to look around your blog much yet, but I promise I will!

Amanda said...

I think that sounds about right!!

Hey... you going to the mudd lake thing for mckmama??