Or so Aidan tells me...and I have to admit I think it was pretty darn good myself!

We started out this morning hosting our good friends for a tea party for lunch. More on that later, but we have been working on our manners and guest behavior and this was a practice session of sorts.

Not long after they left, we headed to the first homeschool co-op event of the year...our first event ever. The WAHs took over a local park for a potluck and fall information meeting.

Guess what Aidan found? Not one, but two six year old little boys. When we got there and all the kids started piling onto the playground, he just looked at me with huge eyes and said, "ALL THESE KIDS GO TO HOMESCHOOL?!" His life has changed for the better forever I think! Next week he will see them again at gym class (which we can walk to from our house, which is even more awesome!) I was pleased as punch to run into several moms I knew from other places, as well as officially finally meet someone I had helped with a new baby issue over the phone last fall and meet her happy healthy plump little one. (I will note, however, that my family has probably never felt so small!)

I wish we had sought this group out last spring. They are very active and supportive. The moms get together regularly for potlucks among themselves, and also do service projects together! It was nice to spend time with other families like ours. Where I don't actually have to explain that homeschooling just works better for our family. Where I don't have to justify it or feel like I'm waiting for the disapproval to start. I did not get asked once how long we are planning to "do this for" or anything even remotely implying that they knew better than me what is right for my child. I know Tim was a little weary being that education is his profession, but I think he felt comfortable as well (at least he seemed to). In fact the co op gym class we will be attending is organized by one of our former college professors...whose children are homeschooled.

Best day ever? I don't know, but definitely a good end to a hectic out of sorts week! And it was nice to see Aidan so excited about being homeschooled.

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