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Contest Winners!

I had two contests going the first half of this are the winners!

Sample Issue of Pocket's Magazine:  #3 Sandy

At Home With Montessori Book:  #17 Mirage

Congratulations!  Get in touch with me using the e-mail address in the upper right sidebar and I will send those off this week!

Next month's Montessori Giveaway will be announced on October 1st.... I anticipate it will be very spooky!


*Mirage* said…
Oh neato!
Congrats Sandy!
Thank you Heidi! I will email you right now... ;)
Sandy Hop said…
Woohoo! I never win anything! I'm excited! Will email you right now! Congrats, Mirage!
*Mirage* said…
Did you get my email Heidi?

Thanks Sandy! :)