Homeschool Highlight Reel- Culture Work

This is a tough night to be working on a HHR post.  We just had the most awesome day, that started off  singing (literally), had lots of dirty fingers and toes, included a three hour nap from a certain toddler, and welcomed a surprise visit form my sister and her tandem bicycle.  There is a lot to blog about, but some of it will have to wait until this weekend!

So, without further adieu, welcome to the Homeschool Highlight Reel, a place for homeschooling families to share their ideas, inspiration, and encouragement with one another!

 Last week, Aidan was introduced to the concept of culture and how the needs of people develop into a culture that is specific to a person's time and place in history.  His assignment last week was to make a poster representing our culture.

We made a list together of the components of culture:  food, clothing, shelter, religion, art & entertainment, industry, transportation, and communication.  He then found or illustrated examples of each from our culture.

This was his introduction to the idea of culture.  Next we will start looking at historical culture (separated by time) versus world culture (separated by place).  For his next assignment he will do library research on another culture of his choice.  We will talk about other ways to present what he learns (written, oral, artistic, dramatic, etc.).  This is his first official introduction into doing research.

After we generally cover 2 or 3 cultures this way (the goal being research skills, not historical knowledge), we will move into in depth studies in each of the areas of culture looking at one area across a broad spectrum of time (development/history) and place (geography).  I envision international cooking projects, unique tools, song learning, dress up, clay tool making, and shelter models!  I'm excited, if nothing else!

So what are you learning about this week?  Any exciting plans coming up?

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Amanda said...

I'm sorry I didnt get mine in this week... I am still out of town and have no access to pictures and am unable to properly update my blog. But I adore yout lesson on culture and think its just awesome!!