Homeschool Highlight Reel- Seasonal Adaptations

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This week for us was about adding some seasonal adaptations and interest points to the shelves.  I don't want to go overboard with extensions and seasonal *extras* but I still want to include the fun that can come with some well planned extra activities.

On our last camping trip of the year (in between getting lost and the rain) the boys collected a bunch of acorns, so I added those to the shelf in a pretty jar and then had Caleb line them up in conjunction with the sandpaper numbers.

I also made up an "Apple Story" that was at Aidan's reading level, a list of apple vocabulary for Aidan to do some copy work with, and a file-folder style activity on the life cycle of an apple.  I picked up the little apple napkin holder for $.25 at a garage sale last week...the timing was perfect!


This all coordinated well with our "field trip" to pick apples with some other youth and families from church last Saturday.


When I taught in the classroom, I had a clear plastic bin for each month with special activities like this to pull out.  I donated the actual buckets to my last school because I thought I was *done* teaching to be a stay at home mom.  I don't regret that at all, but I do think I need to put something similar together for our homeschool activities.

So what's new with you this week?  If you don't have a blog, be sure to leave a comment letting other readers know what you have been up to.  If you do have a blog, be sure to come back and link to MckLinky so we can come and visit you!


Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

Sounds like a good week. i love going apple picking and all the wonderful things you can make with them. I love the use of the acorns much more fun than using little blocks!!!

Amanda said...

I have ideas for next week... dont let me forget to join the fun!