Kenna's Birthday Surprise

Since we couldn't surprise Kenna for her birthday this year, we decided to surprise the nurses from the hospital instead.  We have gotten to know several of them quite well through the hospital's outreach program for grieving moms.  About a month ago we sent out the word to our family and friends and they came together to donate about 20 books to a new resource library for the program.  Some are general grief, some very specific, some for adults, some for children, and some for either.  I'll probably be the first to check a few of them out that I didn't get the chance to read!

We collected books, then labeled them all with a note saying "Donated in loving memory of Kenna Leeann, silently born August 29, 2007.", and also added a sticker with the group information and the number for the group dedicated voicemail.

Here are some pictures to share from our day.

(I spent a whopping $1.50 on that book rack at the thrift store.)

As Tim said, everything else not withstanding, the fact that talking about Kenna can still bring our nurses to tears really means something!


lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

Oh Heidi, this post brought me tears. I am so sorry you have had to cope with something like Kenna's passing, but so glad you are reaching out in a positive way to your community. What testament to your charactor and how wonderful for the boys to see and be part of.

Meghan said...

Heidi-I don't know you (I'm a friend of Meredith's), but my heart goes out to you! What a great tribute to your daughter. A friend of mine gave birth to a stillborn on the same day this year. :-( What a great gift you are bringing to other women. God Bless You!